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Are you willing to get a digital certification which has authorized signature in its footer? Is it really important to have a proper and detailed certification property as per the requirement of yours?. It is very vital to have a track of what parameters are set to make the certification hold its worth and value. Taking an appropriate degree with the name, course name, as well as letterhead, is very necessary. So to have an effective call for your certification, we will mention some of the points that define the details about a digital certification.

Properties that surround the certification

There are various parameters through which a student has to pass in order to gain the relevant digital certification that includes.

Certificate features

While a user is going through the certificate, there are few of the essential factors that should be kept in mind.

-Header- As you take a look at the certificate, this is the first thing which can be seen on the top that has ‘Certificate of achievement’ written on it or the subheading that has an entire acknowledgment in the row.

-Company logo- There is a company logo engraved into the certificate at the top which again contributes to the achievement.  

-Signaturing authority- It has the seal, name, data, etc that perfectly binds the certificate. But it is very important to make sure that the seal and name should be engraved by an accredited firm.

For the print purpose,

There are print mediums through which the certificate is processed. For eg, there is landscape or portrait mode with color and rendition, size as well as a resolution that can be taken care of.

Certificates and badges in an LMS

There is the number of certificates that are given to the user after completion of a course which has points as well as extra numbers. Those certificates have brown, silver and gold badges which can be seen over the website. There are also general notifications that are sent in order to keep the user educated about his/her performance.

Certificates can be shared socially

Your digital certificates can be turned into a marketing tool and can be easily shared socially. In case you want to add it into your Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account, it can be added, which will further dignify your profile in case you have a certification from a renowned institute.

Challenges faced through a certification

When a student wants certification after the course completion but there are certain challenges, the challenges basically includes.

  1. Forgery with the certification letterhead name.
  2. False certificate and its credentials
  3. Any PDF certificate can be saved and used for further, improvisation can be made accordingly which makes the certificate loose its authenticity.
  4. Mismatch of the information can lead to a huge loss for the user.

These all are some of the core points that should be checked in case, you find a certificate false.


There are various examples of online certification providing company, out of which the best would be


With this online certification course platform, you can easily enhance your skills and abilities and get the relevant certification in regards to various subjects. You also get to learn different kinds of software that includes WordPress, photoshop, excel, ios, etc.

Udemy certification

Udemy is one of the renowned online course learning institute in town but on the other side it is not an accredited one as its mentioned in the information, it does not provide you with a proper degree after the completion of course. Also, it is very obvious, that the certificate can be modified further with some other software which can be added to forgery.


They provide online certification to other companies as well. The exciting moment of pride is just a few steps away with this online platform. Issuing certificate is now old school stuff, these digital certificates help in providing the skill to all the participant.

Pluralsight certification

A visitor who really wants to learn and get certified accordingly can opt for this site.  

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