Cloud Vs. Desktop Authoring Tools: Which Is Better For Online Training?

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Are you confused while choosing the right authoring tool for your online training courses?

Authoring tools, with the advancement in technology, has affected the way organizations manage their online training.

Cloud-Based Vs. Desktop Authoring Tools

Earlier, online course developers had quite limited options while creating new training courses for their organization. Now, there are two main types of authoring tools:-

Desktop authoring tools are traditional tools that allow online course developers to build engaging courses. These authoring tools need to be downloaded and installed on the learners’ desktop before they start taking your online training courses. This authoring tool has been the best option for many course creators to deliver their courses.

With the introduction of mobile learning in online training, cloud-based authoring tools are gaining popularity. With the increasing rate of mobile learning users, cloud-based authoring tools are becoming the best choice of today’s course developers to deliver their training courses. 

Now, Let’s see the parameters which can help you better in choosing between desktop and cloud-based authoring tools. 

Flexibility Of Courses

When it comes to flexibility, Desktop authoring tools offer you very little flexibility. Your online training courses do not get updated quickly to the learners’ system. The contents needed to be downloaded and saved locally before getting your courses. So it can be accessible with or without an internet connection. 

On the other hand, Cloud-based authoring tools work on any device and operating system. There is no need to download the courses as the user can get the training over the internet from anywhere. When you update your courses in your system then it is updated automatically for all the users within a second.

Ease in Use Of Tools

Desktop authoring tools consist of sophisticated features. Many desktop authoring tools are old and consist of features. The learners did not get familiar with the features of authoring tools easily. That’s why most of the desktop authoring tools have complexity while learning. 

Cloud-based authoring tools is well known for its easy-to-use features. The learners can easily use while learning online training courses. With that, cloud-based authoring tools are more comfortable to use compared to desktop authoring tools.

Customization Of Courses

You can hardly customize your courses in desktop authoring tools. It offers very little integration with third-party apps. It allows only independent authoring. Only one-course authors can customize courses, publish and update their content before sharing it with the learners.

You can easily customize your online courses in the cloud-based authoring tool. One of the best features of a cloud-based authoring tool is its ability to integrate tools with other third-party apps. In this, more than one author can publish and update their course content.

Data Safety And BackUp

When you install an authoring tool locally on your desktop, you will be responsible to keep your backups to protect your data. While some authoring tools companies may offer you backup solutions, but most of the time you have to keep your data safe. If something wrong happens to your system hardware then your data could be leaked, or destroyed completely.

In Cloud-based authoring tools, your data is stored on the cloud storage. This type of authoring tool protects your data and courses from cyber attacks. You don’t have to install or store data of this authoring tool as you can directly surf your courses over the internet. The company is responsible for all the backups and protects your data. 


In my opinion, you can choose any of the two authoring tools depending on your organization’s learning requirements, However, Cloud-based authoring tool is better and easy to use, gives you space for a collaborative effort from the different authors, and saves time. Overall, cloud-based eLearning authoring solutions, like WPLMS is flexible than any other desktop software and can easily scale up your courses. It will go a long way in making you achieve engaging and accessible learning.


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