Do you want to enhance the training of your learners?

The Learning Management System (LMS) brings learners on board and delivers instant training. 

An LMS with the video conferencing integration enhances the face-to-face training.

In this article, we will discuss how an LMS with video conferencing support enriches the online training and delivers a better learning experience.

LMS With Video Conferencing Integration

In today’s eLearning environment, bringing learners on board and encouraging them to learn more is a very difficult task for the L&D professional and trainers. Delivering a normal eLearning is not sufficient to gain their attention. Video conferencing tools in your training LMS can be a solution to all your needs. 

Video conferencing in your training LMS is an engaging way to bring learners together through face-to-face training. One benefit that it also has is that you can collaborate with external partners and trainers to deliver better training from their expertise. Thus, it makes learners feel like they are part of the training.

Live Video Training

Face-to-face training plays an important role apart from the text based eLearning courses. It delivers a better impact on the learners to learn things easily while delivering an interactive and engaging learning experience. Hosting live web events and inviting both teams for a video training helps everyone to learn from each other to develop their skills and understanding. Thus, an LMS with video conferencing functionality helps in better training to the learners.

Better Compliance Training

Compliance training always plays an important role for the learners. When there are new laws, regulations, and policies in your training courses then making it familiar with the learners is very important. An LMS with video conferencing features allows you to provide support to the learners instantly while collaborating learners. It helps you in delivering instant training to the learners and keeps them updated with the latest trends. This mitigates the risks of mistakes while working in the reference role.

Deliver Exclusive Content With Recorded Video

If you have widely distributed learners in different time zones then everyone can not attend your live training. In such conditions, recording the live session and delivering them as exclusive content ensures that everyone enjoys the same training experience. Use your LMS video tools to record and share training resources among the learners. You can convert your recorded session into microlearning video, these videos can quickly address performance issues and skill gaps.

Invite Guest Speaker For Q&A Session

Inviting a guest speaker or an expert who is well-known in your training niche helps in gaining the attention of the learners. Create a webinar with the expert who can answer all the query of the learners on the various topics. Thus, you don’t need an additional platform and learners can join the session right from the LMS. This way you can deliver a better relationship with the learners and ensure that they are part of the training.

Real-Time Support With Video Training

An LMS with video conferencing functionality helps you in delivering real-time support to the learners. If your learners are getting trouble in a particular topic then you can easily provide them instant training with the help of video training. Hosting video training helps you in demonstrating the topics easily and provides a better opportunity to the learners. 


Video conferencing is a great way to deliver better training to the learners. Once you start using video conferencing tools with your LMS then you can be creative and passionate about your training. If you are still finding the right LMS with video conferencing support for your training program then we at WPLMS are here to fulfill all your training needs.

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