6 Ways Gamification In An LMS Enhances eLearning


Gamification in the eLearning courses is the most effective way to engage learners.

In learning methods, gamification is included so well that it easily attracts learner’s attention and helps them in learning.

In this article, we at WPEducate will discuss how gamification in an LMS increases the engagement of learners.

Gamification Increases Learners Engagement

An LMS easily delivers your online courses and adds various interactivity to your eLearning courses. Gamification is one of the interactivities that an LMS easily includes to your eLearning courses. With the application of gamification elements, it influences the learning process by attracting learner’s attention.

In eLearning industries, gamification techniques have been used for years to increase the learner’s engagement. Learning the basic skills of a course is one of the most efficient ways to engage students of all ages.

Tailor Your eLearning Courses

An LMS helps you in creating your eLearning courses for the learners. Besides eLearning courses, you can also tailor your traditional eLearning courses with the help of an LMS. You can add various interactivity and can implement partial gamification techniques. This can uplift the engagement quotient and can increase the standard of eLearning courses. From learning basic skills of logic to learning maths and communication, gamification is one of the most efficient ways to engage your learners. It tailors your eLearning courses into a gamified course and provides the learning through fun and play.

Easily Identify Learners Progress

Using gamification in eLearning courses easily identifies the learner’s progress. It uses various interactivity like- Badges, Levels, and Points so that learners can easily get while progressing through the learning of a particular course. Continuously progressing and unlocking level after level and the joy of reaching the next level encourage learners to learn more. The badges and points clearly define the result of their hard work when compared to conventional learning courses.

Personalized Courses For the Learners

Gamification not only adds interactivity to your eLearning courses but it also allows you to offer personalized courses for your learners. You can easily customize your courses based on the demand of the learners. Gamification based avatars add more engagement time as students want their superpower avatars more. Adding names of comic characters and avatars attracts learners and provides a more personalization to your eLearning courses. The possibility to customize courses to one’s personal needs binds learners with your courses.

Makes Your eLearning Social

Gamification trends have made it possible to interact with learners with one another. While learning through games, learners in a specific team interact with other learners and collaborate with one another to complete the learning levels. Communicating with other learners and fellow learners helps them in building social interaction. With built-in chat messengers, they can chat with one another and share their skills and feedback. Thus, gamification makes your eLearning more social and helps learners in creating and strengthening social connections.

Gamification Increases Motivation Of Learning

The key to using a gamification LMS for your eLearning courses is that it fuels the motivation of learning as well as engagement of the learners. Using a leaderboard to showcase the performance of the learners motivates learners to learn more and to be on the top. Apart from leaderboards, badges can be also used to fuel the motivation of learning. Learners when seeing the performance and badges of their mates increases their engagement and complete goals of learning. Thus, gamification builds healthy competition and motivates learners to perform more.


Gamification can be easily applied to your eLearning courses using an LMS. it easily improves the performance of your courses and adds several interactivities to it. We at WPLMS provide you with a gamified LMS that enhances the performance of your eLearning courses and increases the engagement rate of your learners.

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