Factors That Enhance The Learning From Your Courses

A lot of research goes into account while designing a good online course.

Online Instructional Designers have to study deep into the psychology of learners, specifically how they will learn and it will affect the learning process.

Today, we will help you in determining those critical factors that affect the learning of learners while creating your online courses.

Create A Meaningful Content

Creating good and meaningful content is very much essential for engaging learners with online courses. If the content of the course is not relevant and doesn’t make sense then it becomes difficult for the learners to understand and this can disengage them from your courses. 

Introduce the value of the course in the first few pages. Use some of the principles like- association, visual metaphors, familiarity, frequency, patterns, and acronyms, etc. to improve the retention of the course. This will help the learners in understanding the meaning of the course.

Add Regular Practice Exercise

Adding a regular practice exercise in your online courses leaves a strong impression on the learners. Placing practice exercise at a regular interval when a topic completes in your online course yields better learning results to the learners. A regular spaced practice exercise is especially beneficial while learning an unfamiliar online course. It enables learners to associate with several contexts. 

Avoid Interference Effect

Avoiding interference effect while creating your online courses helps learners in impairing their speed of learning and memory performance. The interference effect can confuse both old and new material that has some similarities between each other. The learners can forget even those terms that they remembered clearly for years

Providing a long term gap between the courses that you have created earlier helps in remembering the previously learned courses while learning new material. 

Increase Knowledge Transfer Rate  

Transfer of knowledge takes place when a previous old course knowledge helps the learners in getting new knowledge. With the transfer of knowledge a learner can learn better from your courses who has previous knowledge than the other learners.

While designing a new course, try to mention some context from the old course so that it can help the learners in adopting new knowledge.  This can increase the knowledge transfer rate of the learners in learning new courses while retaining the previous course knowledge.

Create Organized Content

Creating a well-organized content for your course helps the learners in remembering and adopting your course. Every learner loves organized information that is why chapters, outlines, and sections are highly recommended as an instructional method. The well-organized content influences the learner to convey the right information.

As an online course creator, you can use advanced organizers, logical sequencing, highlighting the main ideas, using bullets, and summaries to organize your course content.

Conclusion 0f Learning

In my opinion, keeping in mind the above-discussed factor can help you in creating a good course. These factors can greatly influence the learning of learners from your online courses. Considering WPLMS as an LMS can help you in attracting more learners toward your courses. WPLMS offers you a wide variety of plugins, interactive elements, and gamification elements that can increase the popularity of your online courses.


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