Facts that are yet to be explored about LMS!

e-learning and m-learning

E-learning via LMS is one of the fastest growing and accredited form of teaching where experienced instructors, as well as professionals, teach according to their experience as well as course line. This is how an LMS has gained an extensive amount of appreciation with its widespread services all over the web.

At your utter surprised mind, you will also be enticed to know how this management software has provided with tracking records as well as monitoring activity about each and every subject that has been uploaded on the platform.

Furthermore, we will mention some of the assorted unknown facts about modern LMS

Surprising facts about LMS(learning management system)

An LMS basically lets you explore each and every minor point about creating courses in the easiest way. Have a look at these points.

  1. 87% of users have web-based LMS solutions
  2. The most preferred would be the cloud-based LMS
  3. e-Learning has helped about 72% of the companies all around the world
  4. e-Learning is the second most used practice used by individuals as well as companies
  5. Mobile learning adoption is taking the entire space with a huge mass.
  6. Video-based learning has increased the interactive approach among users.
  7. Game-based learning or gamification is a new name for online learning via LMS.
  8. Most of the online learners are female which makes a clear vision that LMS has a ratio for itself.
  9. The average age of a person using online LMS is about 29 years.

Some more facts about LMS

  1. Full time employed people make maximum use of LMS.
  2. It is said that the University of Phoenix has the maximum strength of online students of about 15 percent.
  3. There are different experienced professionals who are online instructors, like the subject matter experts, graphic designers, engineering experienced and more.
  4. Moodle is the most used and popular LMS till date.
  5. Technology has been upgraded with an LMS in online learning, where each and every student who wants to get their hands dirty with the utmost of their studies can get access over an LMS.
  6. Video-based training has its own edge among the students who urge for an online studying experience. This is the best way to invest time. This is known but beneficial.
  7. Since 2000 e-Learning market has grown for about 600 percent, it clearly defines how the entire web is relying on this tech.

What is the difference between e- learning and m-learning

e-Learning and m learning both have emerged as an innovative tool for learning with an effect to provide easy access to the users, who are willing to learn the best without any extra effort.

Moreover, here are some of the points that define m-Learning as one of the most trending methods of learning over e-Learning

Content is user specific

In e-Learning, the assessments, as well as learning pattern, is a little broad and time consuming whereas people more prone to mobile learning have grabbed a better concept with m-learning.

Quick and easy learning

With few of the easy and vital steps through m-learning, you can easily read and mug up all the necessary theories.

M-Learning is different with its elements

Every individual and group learning has now become easy and on the go with the m learning technique.

Context is quite user engaging

M-learning also includes micro-learning concept which dignifies the learning concept.

These were some of the points that clearly define that m learning has conquered all the barriers giving learners a new easy going platform to study and rely on.


Future of LMS

These were some of the points that clearly define that m learning has conquered all the barriers giving learners a new easygoing platform to study and rely on.

Content optimization

Content can be now adjusted for easy viewing and optimization of the course this feature plays a very vital role.

Essential tools

There are various tools that analyze student information and track details which makes the future of Learning Management System more prominent.

Cloud functionality

Students are able to store information in their cloud so that they can get access over the saved data in the future.


You get access over features that are customized and apply it to your saved template.

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