How Gamification And Microlearning Makes eLearning Smarter

gamification and microlearning

Gamification and Microlearning are the two interactivity that easily enhances the learning experience of the learners.

Infusing these two interactives at the same time can make your eLearning more compelling and engaging.

In this article, we will learn how gamification and microlearning make your eLearning courses more smarter and compelling.

Gamification And Microlearning Makes eLearning Interactive

Gamification in the eLearning courses can easily convert boring subjects into interactive ones and enhance the learning experience of the learners through fun and play. To create great eLearning courses, it requires a lot of planning and including the right gamification nugget like- Levels, Points, Badges, etc. that can easily engage the learners.

Microlearning is the process of delivering your courses into small chunks. It makes your regular courses short and focused so that learners can easily adapt to their learning flow.

Infusing these two interactivity in your eLearning courses can make your eLearning engaging as well as attract the traffic of learners. Let’s see how it makes your eLearning smarter and improves learner’s performance.

Challenges Improve Learners Performance

Gamification and microlearning in your eLearning courses easily challenge the learners and motivates them to learn. When you create gamification elements like- level and scenario-based learning challenges for the learners then microlearning allows you to easily convert the courses into small chunks. This means that the learner will learn a specific topic at a particular level. Gamification leaderboards allow learners to compete with the other learners or you can also use badges so that improves themselves by completing all the challenges.

Scenario Based Learning To Engage Learners

Delivering scenario-based eLearning courses to the learners is still a dream of many course developers and online trainers. Adding a blend of microlearning and gamification nuggets in your eLearning helps you in delivering scenario-based learning. Scenario-based eLearning courses include – storytelling, character-based, treasure hunt, puzzle learning, etc. which easily engages the learners without disrupting their work. Microlearning with its short learning courses can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes of learning.

Include Micro Gamification To Your eLearning

Adding meaningless games to your eLearning courses can reduce the engagement of the learners. If you really want to increase the engagement of the learners then you can use microlearning content instead of adding gamification elements to the long courses. This increases the score point of the learners as they can easily complete the microlearning courses. Deploying a pop-up microlearning quiz or questions so that learners can easily determine their retention ability.

Personalized Gamification With Touch Of Microlearning

To deliver more personalized eLearning courses using various gamification strategies is a way to engage more learners. Various gamification nuggets can be to deliver more personalized courses to the learners. Converting your regular courses to microlearning courses while adding various gamification elements adds a personalized feeling to your courses. Thus, a well-versed combination of gamification and microlearning in your eLearning courses easily reduces the skill gap of the learners and helps them in better learning.

Improves Retention Rate Of The Learners

It is quite challenging for online trainers and professionals to deliver an eLearning course that is easy to remember and can be easily retained by the learners whenever required. A microlearning course with feature-rich gamification adds various interactives to the eLearning courses and helps learners to beat the forgetting curve as well as increase their retention rate. Learners can easily retain or recall the information that they have learned through interesting gamification and microlearning courses.


We have discussed the various advantages of having a well-versed combination of gamification and microlearning courses that makes your eLearning smarter. We at WPEducate make your eLearning courses more smarter and engaging.

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