How Gamification In Virtual Classrooms Improve Learners Engagement

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are the future of eLearning and have become the prime mode of imparting education.

Implementing gamification in your virtual classrooms means adding gamification elements to your eLearning that increases the engagement rate of the learners.

In this article, I will share some insider facts about gamification in virtual classrooms that will help you in improving learner’s engagement.

Gamification In Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classroom solutions are the new learning trend among modern learners. Even schools, colleges, and corporations are using virtual classrooms for the training of the learners. One problem that all are facing is how to engage the learners in the virtual session of learning.

Gamification is the solution from scratch if you want to improve the engagement rate of the learners within the virtual classrooms. Implementing gamification strategies like- quizzes, puzzles, points and badges, bonuses, reward, etc. into your training strategies help you in improving the engagement of the learners from your virtual classroom session.

How Gamification Improves Learners Engagement

Real-World Scenario Based Learning 

Learning through virtual classrooms is still not considered as effective as learning through the traditional classroom courses because of the retention rate. Virtual classrooms offer very low engagement as well as retention rates to the learners. But gamification in your training creates real-world scenarios among the learners while learners and helps them to use the knowledge in real-time. This creates a level of interest among the learners and engages them for a longer time.

Gamification Reward Your Learners 

You can’t provide effective learning to the learners without engaging them. Generating interest in learning among the learners is the only way to provide effective training. With gamification, you can add rewards and recognitions that can be earned by learners while learning through your virtual classes. Completing various questions, quizzes, and puzzles while learning allows them to earn rewards and badges and this not only enhances knowledge but also motivates them to learn more. Moreover, you can also create a leaderboard with names of top performers of the day or the week to reward your learners.

Socialize Your Classroom With Gamification 

Today’s generation is more addicted to social sites and engages with them for a long time. With gamification, you can add a touch of social learning in your virtual classroom. This can be done by allowing them to share your courses on the social site with their colleagues and friends. You can also allow them to share their rewards and achievements. Thus, integrating social learning with gamification elements is another great option to make them engaged while increasing their learning capabilities.

Collaborative Learning With Interactive Gamification

If you want to make your virtual classroom more effective and collaborative for learners then implement interactive gamification in your virtual training. These interactive elements divide your courses into a group project and promote collaborative learning among the learners. Learners complete the courses in the group by file sharing, virtual meetings, and interacting with one another. This creates a real-time learning environment among the learners and facilitates collaborative learning among them.


If virtual classrooms are not getting enough learners engagement then implementing various gamification strategies in your virtual training can increase the engagement rate and make your courses popular among the learners. If you are looking for a virtual platform with all the gamification features and other interactivity then we at WPEducate can help you in several ways. Get in touch with us to know more about virtual classroom platforms.

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