How To Motivate Learners For Your Online Courses

Are you tired of setting up challenges to hook your learners engaged with your online courses?

Keeping your motivate learners throughout the online course is a challenge for most of the online course creators.

Today, we at WPLMS will learn some of the ways so that you can maintain learner’s motivation with your online courses.

Know Your Learners

Figuring out who your learners are and how they assess online courses before designing your course. If possible, create a forum to determine your target learners, their level of knowledge, etc. This insight can help you in establishing a focus on your course content. It will build your connection between the learners and will help you in establishing the value of your brand in the market. 

Start Building Anticipation For Your Courses

Finding an interesting way to engage your learners before they start taking your course. Providing your learners with a pre-work activity or a short video introduction of your course content can help you in creating anticipation among the learners. Give an attractive title to your course to grab the learner’s attention. This creates excitement and can also motivate to take your courses.

Set Learners Expectations and Goals From The Course.

Creating a survey or asking your learners about what they expect from your online courses. Doing this type of survey signifies that you are already motivating your learners. When you implement their suggestions and meet the standard outcomes through your online courses removes anxiety and excites your learner about accomplishing their needs.

Design Your Course For Active Participation

Create a course that motivates your learners to learn and encourage them for active participation. Active learning increases retention, understanding, and pass rate. Learners learn better from exploration and experiences. Try to present a common problem and provide resources for the learners to create their own solutions. Taking control of the learning process provides self-motivation and deeper engagement with your courses. 

Motivate Learners Using Instructional Design And Interactive Elements

Not all online course creators use a mixture of instructional design and interactive elements in their online courses. But including images, info-graphics, scenarios, and videos, etc. along with quizzes and games will help you in engaging, encouraging and motivating your learners in different ways.

Implement Social Learning

Social sharing and networking are the best for keeping your learners engaged. Link your learners with the others who are taking the same course through blogs, discussion boards, forums, etc. Make your online learning courses more social so that learners can gain maximum from your courses. Sharing ideas and receiving feedback from the learners keeps them motivated to learn.

Reward Your Learners After Completing Online Course

Encourage your learners when they successfully complete your online courses. Creating “quizzes” and “test your knowledge” type scenarios will engage your learners even after completing their online courses. Creating leader boards and awarding them with the prizes will add an advantage to attract more learners as well as engaging them with your courses.


In my opinion, keeping learners motivated is a very challenging process. Following the above-discussed points can help you in motivating your learners for your online courses. We at WPLMS will help you in adding these points while designing your online courses. This can add an extra point in motivating your learners with the courses.

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