Why Instructional Design Is Important In Designing Courses

Do you want to know the learners’ state of mind, what they need from your online courses?

Instructional design is a way to assist your learners by delivering engaging and effective courses.

Today, we at WP Educate will help you in understanding why instructional design is important while creating your online courses.

Instructional Design Retain Knowledge Of The Learners

Using instructional design while creating your online courses helps the learners in achieving the learning goals of the course. The way visual graphics like- images, videos, infographics, etc. are presented in online courses puts a great impact on learners retaining ability. 

According to the research, it is found that the human brain tends to recall information more easily and rapidly through images, charts, and infographics than the texts. 

Make Your Learner Engage Through Instructional Design

As an instructional designer you to find out who is your target learners, their demands, before creating your online course. This will help you in designing a course that will easily engage the learners with your online courses. 

By mentioning the important information and presenting it in front of the learner will make sense to them. This way your course will be more efficient and result in less waste of time.

Provide A Good Learning Experience

Delivering a good learning experience to the learners is the main aspect of instructional design. Create your online courses in such a way that it can be easily accessible by the learners. This can be achieved by using good instructional design in your online courses as it provides a great impact on the engagement level of the learners. 

Proper implementation of compelling color, images, videos and infographics while designing your online courses will deliver a good learning experience as well as engage your learners.

Instructional Design Delivers Your Message

Instructional design is considered more than decorations while creating your online courses. It delivers effective communication which helps learners in achieving their learning goals. 

Good instructional design has the ability to deliver your message directly to the learners. Try to make the content of your online course with a good design. This will ensure that you are passing the right message with your learners. 


Instructional Design is very important while creating your online courses. As an instructional designer, you will be able to engage a large number of learners. Nothing can beat you in engaging your learner with your courses. One secret to engage your learners is by analyzing them to know what they need, and by putting nice designs in place to meet the requirements. Choosing the right instructional design WordPress LMS, like- WPLMS that can help you in saving time and money to create outstanding courses for your learners.

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