MicroLearning As A Core Of Your eLearning Program

Do your learners face complexity and lack of extension while learning through your courses?

MicroLearning training is the solution they needed to digest your eLearning program.

Microlearning learning means short duration courses (3-5 minutes long or even shorter) with a specific and focused learning outcome for enhanced performance.

In this article, we at WPEducate will discuss why you should use the microlearning training concept as a core of your eLearning program. 

MicroLearning In Your eLearning Program

Spending a lot of money on regular eLearning courses, learners rarely access the course due to its large contents. Instead, they complete the course, they could not implement the strategy as the learning concept is not to the point. In this condition, your training becomes costly in terms of both budget and morale. 

Providing microlearning training to your learners is less time-consuming and learners can easily understand the process and access materials when they need them. Microlearning courses deliver short contents that provide a learning goal to the learners.

Let’s see the various factors that microlearning offers to your eLearning courses and you can use it as a core into your training programs.

MicroLearning Courses Are Easily Accessible

Easily accessible of your eLearning courses means bringing your learning close to the learners. Microlearning training concepts bring down the challenges of learning and provide the advantage of the learning opportunities that are created for them and they don’t have to spend more time searching the information they need at the time of implementation.

Interactive And Visualize Learning

Microlearning training is designed to provide an interactive and visual learning experience. Microlearning courses make your eLearning courses interactive by adding various interactive elements like- images, videos, graphics, etc. for engaging learners for a longer time. It also makes your training visually appealing for the learners as it provides more clarity in your courses.

Mobile-First Learning Approach

Over the years, the primary way of accessing online content was through a browser. Now, things have changed with the mobile devices in hand. Today’s learners want to access their eLearning courses on mobile devices going straight to the app. Thus, delivering short microlearning courses on the learner’s smartphones allows them to tap, swipe, and pinch across the courses. A Learning Management System (LMS) with a mobile app helps you in delivering mobile-first training approaches for your learners.

Engage Learners For Longer

The engagement of the learners plays an important role in making your training program successful. Microlearning courses add various interactive elements like- gamification, graphics, scenarios, animation, video, etc. into your training strategy to keep the learners engaged throughout the learning process. Providing the ability to the learners to visualize the learning outcomes and information helps the learners to engage with your courses.

Just-In-Time Training

Microlearning short duration courses can be used as nuggets for the training of learners and can be used as just-in-time training to enhance their performance. Microlearning approaches convert your regular courses into small duration courses to meet a specific learning outcome. Thus, microlearning short-duration courses require less attention and help you in maximizing the impact of your courses while being on the job.


I hope this article provides the required insights on why you should use microlearning as a core of your eLearning program. Microlearning goes well in your training strategies when you have the right training platform. We at WPEducate provide you with an LMS and integrated mobile app for your various eLearning programs.

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