Mobile Learning: A Strategy For Effective Skill Training

Do you want to provide effective skill training to the learners?

Accessing training courses on mobile devices- tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc. is the new normal.

Mobile learning is one of the effective training techniques that can help you in delivering a better learning experience.

In this article, we will discuss how mobile learning provides effective skill training to learners and why you should adopt mobile learning.

Mobile Learning For Effective Skill Training

Mobile learning or mLearning is a learning strategy that allows course developers and online trainers to deliver training courses on-the-go and allows learners to acquire any knowledge or skill through using their mobile devices, anywhere, anytime. Developing mobile-friendly training courses and providing a mobile learning strategy has many benefits and reduces challenges.

Today’s learners and even employees prefer to get online information via their mobile devices and love to access the training courses on their smartphones. This is because they don’t have to worry about the time or your location. Simply mobile learning offers on-the-go training to the learners.

Native App Or Web App For Mobile Learning

Native apps are the first thing that comes to mind when we think about mobile learning. These apps provide structured learning to learners with the generated course or training content. A well-designed mobile learning app facilitates Just-In-Time training and provides on-demand training support to the learners. Today’s modern AI-powered apps are able to track learner’s performance and help you in delivering personalized learning courses to the learners.

Web apps are simple and can be easily accessed on the smartphone and portable device through the browser. Thus, it doesn’t require any installation and removes the load of keeping the application updated like a native app. Many enterprises already have an LMS platform that covers basic mobile learning. But if you want to integrate an LMS that meets your mobile training needs then you can use WPLMS learning management system that is powered by PWA (progressive web apps) to provide an app-like experience on mobile devices.

Compatibility Of Your Training Courses

Mobile devices have different sizes and different operating systems, delivering training through the native mobile apps can be challenging and encounter compatibility issues irrespective of the devices. Most of the time you have to recreate or refurbish courses or content accordingly. Having a mobile app for your mobile training reduces the risk of compatibility and helps you in delivering courses that are easily accessible across all the platforms irrespective of screen sizes and operating systems.

Increases Rate Of Engagement

Mobile learning is anytime anywhere learning strategy. If you want to engage the learners while working or at the home through the training session then an integrated LMS with a web app can be a great fit for you. If you are an individual trainer who wants everyone to engage and enhance their skills set then a mobile native app will be a great fit for you. Both of them provide flexibility in learning and allow learners to access your training courses wherever and whenever they want.

Security And Privacy Of Your Training Courses 

Many corporate and online trainers are worried about their security and privacy of the training courses while delivering to mobile devices. A native app secures your training courses but risks when a learner’s mobile device is lost. This can cause a severe loss to your security and privacy of the training materials. While web apps secure your training courses in the same way an LMS secures. In case a learner lost their mobile phone then there is nothing to worry about as it always requires a potential password or link to access the training.


I hope this article will help you in determining the importance of mobile learning and making a strategy to deliver effective training through native apps and web apps. Combining all of these affordances, an LMS with progressive web apps is the future of mobile learning without any extra efforts and investments.

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