Online Education Technique For Blind and Deaf People

blind and deaf people online class

What if people with physically disabled challenges like deafness and blindness want to study at a normal pace with the same amount of dedication as we do? Is there a subtle solution to churn out their ability for better utilization of their skills?

A learning management system provides with numerous extensive feature, which is also present online for physically disabled people.

However, there are various challenges while studying with the braille features and functionality but it allows a deaf or blind to invest his/her time applying an ample amount of brain into the studies without any extra manual work. On the brighter side, let us also take a look at some of the points that surround the best use of LMS at present.

What are the key features that work wonders in an LMS for blind and deaf people?

There is a quite restricted surface for the blind and deaf people. They have limited jobs as well as learning opportunities due to several challenges. But at the present days, things have been sorted and companies are taking their individual initiative to introduce LMS platforms that are dedicatedly designed for teaching the special people. Here are some of the points that justify the best of it.

  1. Recent research has shown a clear figure that over 150 million school-aged children have adopted online learning as their core subject. (*Science Direct)
  2. Through personalized or adaptive learning tools all the disabled students are given individual classes that include software for different types of disabled students that have learning, visual, hearing etc.
  3. Choosing their individual assignment is now easy with an LMS where subject groups are formed from which students can choose their preferable subject.

Technologies that are associated with LMS for blind and disabled

Screen reading software

There are texts and mouse actions with the keyboard that are included in the LMS which surrounds the entire software working.

Screen magnification software

This software is useful for people who have a hearing disability. It helps in magnifying the content.

Alternative pointing devices

There are various types of devices that are included in an LMS which provides with the alternative pointing feature as well.     

Braille display of characters on the screen  

Braille characters are highlighted for specially challenged people so that they can go through the chapters easily. It is inbuilt into the software.

Other Alternatives

Personalization of resources, interface, and content is followed into the LMS. There is a different sensory mode which is attached to the LMS for a better working for the visually challenged people.

How is LMS progressing in giving new life in education to the disabled people?

Internet becoming a major part of our daily life have provided people with an opportunity to study with online LMS and there is an audio video to support the features.

About the accessibility

For the disabled people studying online has removed all the barriers that are grounded while learning. Also according to the, it is stated that there are various features that include keyboard inputs, audio textbooks for a hassle-free experience. The web accessibility initiative puts all the guidelines to make all the physically disabled people get an overall edge towards learning.

The examples of LMS applications for disabled people

  1. Voice dream reader
  2. Be my eyes
  3. Voice brief
  4. Marlee signs
  5. USound
  6. Sign smith ASL

These applications are specially designed for disabled people. So that they get their own convenience with such mobile applications that provide LITE and ultimate versions.

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