MOOC-Massive Open Online Courses

It’s great to see an evolution of opencourseware. Ever heard about MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses ) ? it has a mass of theory within itself. With MOOC, it has also become easy for the students, professors and teaching professionals, convey as well as preach education online. Moreover, it has reframed the entire education system with an approach of better learning. For eg there are lectures, video or video tutorials,study material as well as groups for online study that are included in MOOC. It perfectly supports distance learning, which provides certification as well. There were multiple platforms, philosophy and formulas applied to the MOOC study which is processed  online.

With this note, let’s take a look at some of the advantages, facts as well as examples about MOOC.

What is exactly a MOOC?

A MOOC is basically a web based platform that allows students study with a distance education. This is one of the best platform in case you want to pursue a course but you are unable to do so. You get to have an access over various different courses that have the same theory a college or an institute does.

What are its advantages?

  1. Courses are provided for free
  2. Every single course is given to a diverse range of people
  3. Performance can be easily tracked at the start of course.
  4. There is an interactive textbook, pre-recorded videos, quizzes as well as projects.
  5. It supports blended learning program
  6. You can improvise your learning pattern as well with MOOC and save time accordingly.

What are the best examples of MOOC?

There are few of the MOOC’s that have given an immense platform to the online learners, they are.


With this online course platform, a student can go through his/her preferred subject with audio textbooks, pre recorded videos and all relevant course content. Moreover, certificates are offered while course completion. They have partnered with renowned universities to provide catalog, e sample papers etc.


Gaining a new skill is now easy and on the go with almost 300+ courses. Treehouse provides with valuable range of plans exclusively designed for you. Starting with the basics to higher level course pattern, treehouse lends all the students a helping hand.


Through this MOOC platform, you get to choose from various categories that includes subjects, courses in respect to marketing, development, business and more. At a very reasonable price, you get to complete an entire set of semester, in the meanwhile, you can also go through other enrolments as well.

There are various top courses through which students can browse and get into the course guidelines and theory. Not only this, there are weekly series, learning pat, audio books etc. Opt from one and learn to the best. Lynda trains you throughout the module.

Code academy

Over here, there are coding tutorials as well as subjects that have the basics and intermediate level learning where web development, programming, data science are an immense part.

Unknown facts about MOOC

  1. In  2013, university of Tasmania created courses that were named as ‘Nature’.(
  2. Mooc content offers people course that help people in enhancing and specialising their skills.(
  3. Coursera is the world’s largest course provider. It has over 161 universities in their loop.

Experiential Learning-Learn with your own experience

Have you ever tried learning through a detailed experimentation or evolution on your studies? How is experiential learning helping you as a student develop a strong niche? It is very important to know that an experiential learning is not that easy. It has learning theories, field research, service learning and more. For eg: while on the job, there are case studies and scenarios given to the employees or customer service executives and that is how the experiential learning goes on in the corporates.

Similarly in an LMS as well, there are options included in the software which leads to experiential learning.

How is experiential learning a great tool for learning in detail?

Learning sometimes has its own pros and cons, where there are heap of theories as well as paperwork involved. But on the other hand in terms of experiential learning, you need to experience a live environment and learn according to that. For eg: practicing scientific experiments and noting down completed assignments or clicking few pictures of monuments and pasting it into the history test paper. So this is how an experiential learning works wonders.

What are the advantages of experiential learning?

An experiential learning is quite unique with its knows and hows. Furthermore, it enhances, skills and ability to work in a free experimental space. Therefore, experiential learning is surrounded with benefits that includes.

  1. Provides safe learning environment
  2. Provides accurate assessment results
  3. It enables personalised learning
  4. It gives a space of an extraordinary knowledge between practical and theory

What is the objective of experiential learning

With an aim to provide with a study that is not only worth the experience without any mind boggling learning but it contributes to an understanding that is best in terms of bestowing an accurate result.

It moreover provides a wide scope for the student to translate theory into reality which includes even traveling and jotting down the important points about for eg: a landscape that is old in the history.

online learning

What are the institutes as well as industries that use experiential learning

There are few of the core industries which has this concept of studying

  1. Clinical or pharmaceutical services
  2. Education
  3. Horse industry

How is it used in an LMS?

Students are nowadays more inclined towards interactive and intuitive learning, where experiential learning plays a great role.

In an Learning Management System there are various options that makes an experiential learning gain activities, quizzes which helps a student participate into that and learn. There are categories as well as course options to choose from.

Here are few of the elements that define experiential learning in an LMS


With the experiential effect, it is easy and quick for the students to mug up all the lessons.


Students can provide with feedback as they experiment on their course studies.


Working into dynamic and constant evolving environment,students get to apply their mental abilities in the most productive way.

What are the best practices in experiential learning

Experiential learning has highlighted the good source of literature learning as well.

There are mainly two types of experiential learning that includes.

  1. Classroom based experiential learning and
  2. Field based experiential learning

In both types, a student gets to perform his/her best with practical simulations as well as group study with experiential learning into the LMS.

Facts that are yet to be explored about LMS!

E-learning via LMS is one of the fastest growing and accredited form of teaching where experienced instructors, as well as professionals, teach according to their experience as well as course line. This is how an LMS has gained an extensive amount of appreciation with its widespread services all over the web.

At your utter surprised mind, you will also be enticed to know how this management software has provided with tracking records as well as monitoring activity about each and every subject that has been uploaded on the platform.

Furthermore, we will mention some of the assorted unknown facts about modern LMS

Surprising facts about LMS(learning management system)

An LMS basically lets you explore each and every minor point about creating courses in the easiest way. Have a look at these points.

  1. 87% of users have web-based LMS solutions
  2. The most preferred would be the cloud-based LMS
  3. e-Learning has helped about 72% of the companies all around the world
  4. e-Learning is the second most used practice used by individuals as well as companies
  5. Mobile learning adoption is taking the entire space with a huge mass.
  6. Video-based learning has increased the interactive approach among users.
  7. Game-based learning or gamification is a new name for online learning via LMS.
  8. Most of the online learners are female which makes a clear vision that LMS has a ratio for itself.
  9. The average age of a person using online LMS is about 29 years.

Some more facts about LMS

  1. Full time employed people make maximum use of LMS.
  2. It is said that the University of Phoenix has the maximum strength of online students of about 15 percent.
  3. There are different experienced professionals who are online instructors, like the subject matter experts, graphic designers, engineering experienced and more.
  4. Moodle is the most used and popular LMS till date.
  5. Technology has been upgraded with an LMS in online learning, where each and every student who wants to get their hands dirty with the utmost of their studies can get access over an LMS.
  6. Video-based training has its own edge among the students who urge for an online studying experience. This is the best way to invest time. This is known but beneficial.
  7. Since 2000 e-Learning market has grown for about 600 percent, it clearly defines how the entire web is relying on this tech.

What is the difference between e- learning and m-learning

e-Learning and m learning both have emerged as an innovative tool for learning with an effect to provide easy access to the users, who are willing to learn the best without any extra effort.

Moreover, here are some of the points that define m-Learning as one of the most trending methods of learning over e-Learning

Content is user specific

In e-Learning, the assessments, as well as learning pattern, is a little broad and time consuming whereas people more prone to mobile learning have grabbed a better concept with m-learning.

Quick and easy learning

With few of the easy and vital steps through m-learning, you can easily read and mug up all the necessary theories.

M-Learning is different with its elements

Every individual and group learning has now become easy and on the go with the m learning technique.

Context is quite user engaging

M-learning also includes micro-learning concept which dignifies the learning concept.

These were some of the points that clearly define that m learning has conquered all the barriers giving learners a new easy going platform to study and rely on.


Future of LMS

These were some of the points that clearly define that m learning has conquered all the barriers giving learners a new easygoing platform to study and rely on.

Content optimization

Content can be now adjusted for easy viewing and optimization of the course this feature plays a very vital role.

Essential tools

There are various tools that analyze student information and track details which makes the future of Learning Management System more prominent.

Cloud functionality

Students are able to store information in their cloud so that they can get access over the saved data in the future.


You get access over features that are customized and apply it to your saved template.

Just In Time Learning: Attain Knowledge with the best of tech technique!

Time is precious and so is the moment spend during learning. It is all surrounded by theory, chapters etc. With a mountain of subjects overflowing concepts as well as definitions, it gets a little sensitive for the students to engulf all at once and there comes the role of ‘Just In Time’ training that has mastered the studying pattern. Moreover, advancement in technology has created on-demand services add an aspect to our every day agree or not?

One of the finest proof of this learning would be the applications that have its own identity to teach all the geeky folks with an apt piece of source. On the other hand, we have also noticed how the traditional way of learning with books as well as desktops have wrapped up their wings and taken a back seat due to this knowledgeable source of learning tech.

So if you still doubt that you have not gained the important parts of the course, then these applications will help you with that as well in the easiest way.

Let’s have a look at a few of them

Core ‘just in time learning’ applications

1. Udemy

With the concept of instructional learning, this online academy lets students learn through qualified instructors, who provide them with just in time, quick learning in the most effective form. On the other side, it is the leading marketplace for globalized teaching and learning. Students also get to learn through each and every skilled online teaching.

2. Lynda

This type of web app or Android app gives the student access to learn through a professional parameter. Over here you also get 13k+ expert-led courses. Different courses have a set pattern with questionnaires, quizzes etc. There is an extensive learning library which lets you choose from the relevant subject.  

3. Duolingo

Again, it does have web app as well as Android apps specially designed for your language learning. There are bite-sized lessons, furthermore, a student gets to dig into the chores through reading, listen, speak, in lesson grading etc. Also, with a gamification touch to it, this app proves its importance to another level.

4. Lumosity

This is an all in one hub that has subjective learning that is distinctively designed and developed by professional game designers as well as scientists. There are mind games that help you stimulate a students mind and according to that student get to track their stats as well scores.

Moving on to the…

Top 5 advantages of this learning

  1. It basically speeds up the learning
  2. With quick UX it provides an all in one stop for overall solutions
  3. It optimizes knowledge retention
  4. You also get to dive into 3 steps easy blueprint with this learning method
  5. Chunk learning makes it easy

How and why ‘Just in time’ learning enhances a study pattern

Starting from brain training applications to Lynda as an instructor for your professional training where you can learn on your PC, tablet, laptop etc, these applications are an apt source for not only students learning but preaching as well.

There are professional courses that are beautifully taught in the easiest way. Students can easily get hold of the critical points that are included in the course material. Categories of learning are organized which includes applications, processes, customer service and more.

As the name suggests, this learning pattern gives an accurate just in time known to all the students.

How is it helpful for the businesses?

1. It gives an edge to responsive technology

This is one of the most adaptive technology to date which promotes flexibility in learning.

2. Work competencies are included within the chapter

Content is short and to the point with the limited explanation that covers all the necessary studying areas.

3.  Worker productivity increases with these applications

With several work-related hacks, tips, solutions, this application makes a good work rendition for the employees.

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