Why Storytelling Is Essential For Your Online Courses

Do you want to design a course that connects with your learners?

A custom online course may attract more learners and drive more revenue.

Storytelling in your online courses makes your courses more compelling and meets the learner’s needs and demands.

In this article, we will discuss why it is essential for your online courses and the various advantages of storytelling in online courses.

How Storytelling Work For Your Online Courses

This is a powerful tool even in this digital age to create engagement of the learners? Delivering your online courses like narrating a story generates a level of interest among the learners and helps them in getting engaged through your courses. Stories influence the learners and help them in finding them through your online courses emotionally.

It means transferring information to the learners in the manner a normal person thinks and understands. It helps the learners in processing the information easily and they can keep it memorable for a long time. Therefore storytelling is the best way to generate interest in learning among the learners and it works well for your online courses.

How Storytelling Connects Your Learners

Including storytelling in learning is not new. This phenomenon is being used in learning from years and enhancing the learner’s way of learning. Our early ancestors as well as teachers used to educate their students through the story so that they retain the information easily and pass it to the next generation.

Designing your eLearning like telling a story to your learners will help you in creating a compelling course. This will not only engage your learners but will also help you in delivering better results and measurable outcomes to the learners. Creating storytelling-like courses can connect you with your learners and helps you in fulfilling their learning needs and demands.

Advantages Of Storytelling In Online Courses

Develop Curiosity Of Learning

There is always a childish character in all of us and when it comes to stories we are always curious towards it. When you present your course in the form of stories then it raises the child inside every learner. When you create an engaging story throughout your online course then the learners just wanted to know what would happen next so they became very much engaged with the course. This is why storytelling increases the curiosity of learning among learners.

Increases Engagement Rate

The not only curiosity of learning, when you present your online courses in the form of storytelling then it becomes a very powerful tool to keep the learners engaged through the courses. Learning through story-based courses keeps them motivated and develops a level of interest. Learners keep on reading and never get bored. Therefore, storytelling can increase the engagement rate of learners.

Increases Retention Rate

Today’s learners are overloaded with knowledge and it is not easy for them to remember the whole information and the technical terms. Presenting your course in the traditional style of storytelling helps the learners in retaining the information easily rather than learning through the modern learning format. When learners learn through the story then they can retain the new information for a longer time.

Establish Connection Among Learners

Learners easily consider courses that are easy to understand and remember. Storytelling while focusing on real-life situations and reality, focusing on some special character can enhance their learning skills and build an emotional connection with your courses. Thus, designing story-based courses can help you in making connections with the learners.


I hope this article will help you in coming across the various advantages of designing storytelling based online courses. There are a number of reasons that can explain that storytelling is very effective in online courses. This not only creates an immersive experience but it also motivates and encourages learners.

How To Increase The Sales Of Your Corporate Training Courses

Do you want to increase the sales of your courses? Corporate Training Courses

Today’s corporations are keen on improving the performance of their employees as well as their wellbeing.

Across every sector whether it is IT, education, health, and safety. They are ready to invest a lot of time and money in the employee’s training.

Selling eLearning courses to the corporates can increase your brand value and bring higher ROI.

In this article, we will discuss the various parameters on how you can increase the sale of your corporate training courses.

How To Sell Your Corporate Training Courses

Let me clear first that corporations and companies do not create their own course and in fact, they don’t provide all of their training in-house. I know this is good news and they can buy courses from you. 

Το start selling your eLearning courses, you have to understand the demand of the corporate, needs of the learner’s, and develop a plan according to it. Let’s dive in to see in detail the various factors that will help you in selling your courses to the corporate training courses.

Build Your Reputation

Building a level of trust and reputation among learners always makes your impression. People don’t hesitate in buying your training courses. If you and your brand are popular in the market then it becomes very easy for you to sell your courses to the corporate.

If you are new in the eLearning business then you have to create your market value and reputation in the market and among the learners. You can conduct seminars, workshops, and events, etc. to build up your reputation. You can also organize and participate in corporate training course events to increase the sales of your courses.  

Write Blogs And Articles

Writing blogs and articles for your site brings a lot of traffic. It increases the engagement rate of the user visiting your site. Thus, articles and blogs act as a backbone in making your brand popular. You can also write blogs and articles for guest posting sites so that you can reach a wider audience. 

Writing blogs and articles can influence corporate officials as well as learners. This can open the door of the corporates for your training courses. Therefore writing blogs and articles can help you in emerging as a thought leader as well as increase your sales.

Use Social Network

In this age of social generation, you can’t stay away from social networking sites. You can use social media platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your eLearning courses and its achievement. You can also participate in various eLearning forums and groups to promote your courses.

Staying updated on social sites like- Linkedin and Twitter is the most effective way to reach corporate decision-makers. Many corporations look at the training courses providers on social media sites as it easily builds trust and ends up with a sale.

Choose The Right Technology

In the world of technological advancement, you have to stay friendly with the latest technologies to remain stable in the eLearning business. You should use a Learning Management System which meets with the latest features so that you easily provide training of your courses.

Many corporations and companies look for corporate training courses that are easy to adapt and easy to understand. This can be easily met through the latest LMS features like- reporting and analytics, progress tracking, certificates and badges, and various interactive elements like- gamification, quizzes, MCQs, interactive videos, etc.


I hope this article will help you in increasing your sales of corporate training courses. Following the above parameters will help you in making your brand popular and establish your reputation as well as can create connections. We at WPEducate provide you with an integrated LMS i.e. WPLMS LMS which can meet the corporate needs as well as it consists of advanced features.

How Augmented Reality Ads More Values To Your eLearning Courses

Augmented Reality (AR) adds more digital elements to your courses and presents it as a live view in front of the learners.

Adding AR technologies to your eLearning courses will take your eLearning business to many notches higher. 

In this article, we at WPEducate will learn how Augmented Reality adds more value to your courses.

How AR Adds Value To Your Courses

Augmented Reality is a powerful tool that makes your eLearning courses more valuable. Today’s learners access their online on mobile, tablets, and laptops that easily create a distraction in the learner’s mind. However, adding  Augmented Reality keeps them fully engaged with your courses as it creates a simulation in the mind of the learners through special effects and sounds.

It helps in creating a more increasing sense to the learners while learning from your courses. AR has the ability to superimpose nearly any scenario in an everyday setting without adding any extra hardware.

Learner’s Analytics

We all know that LMS is the main source of gathering learning analytics. But the AR technologies in eLearning platforms have made it possible for you to collect the data very easily. It can even generate reports by tracking learner’s eye contact and measure their interest while learning from your online courses.

Collecting these types of learner’s analytics will help you in creating eLearning courses that can increase their engagement with greater accuracy. Thus AR helps you in creating a learner-worthy course that meets your learner’s expectation and can easily enhance their learning experience.

Immersive Gamification Courses

AR makes your eLearning courses more gamified. Adding AR in your online courses makes your learner more engaged while learning through your courses. It enhances the effect of gamification in the online courses and increases the level of stimulation of the learners. 

This will change the way learners interact with the badges and rewards they earn while completing your online courses. It will allow learners to earn tangible badges and they can hold them in their hands as well virtually. So it is becoming one of the effective ways of providing an immersive learning experience to shape the future of gamification.

AR Personalize Online Courses

Now online learners can easily walk down their own personalized online training path and interact with online training resources. AR makes it possible for online learners who prefer a more physical connection with online training content.  This way online courses can be easily personalized based on the learner’s skills gaps and goals.

Using AR technologies in online learning allows learners to choose courses that can improve their skills and learning gaps. It helps them in maintaining the pace of learning. As a course developer, you can easily provide them with an assessment through your eLearning courses.

AR Tracks Performance And Provide Feedback

In Augmented Reality, online learners learn through various courses, branching scenarios, online simulations, etc. to enhance their skills and gaps. However, AR easily tracks their assessments and records learner’s performance throughout the courses leaving no room for doubts or misconceptions.

Once they complete your online course, they can clearly see their performance for themselves where they went wrong and how they fared while completing the whole course. If they miss an important topic of the course then it can be shown easily and they can retake the assessment later.

Wrapping Up

Augmented Reality impacts the success of your eLearning courses. It enhances learners’ minds, increases their rate of engagement as well as tracks their performance throughout the courses. Implementing AR in your online courses will make your eLearning courses more advanced and learners can receive support from the comfort of their home.

5 Key Benefits Of Learning Through Online Courses

Technology has boosted the education industry to a great extent. Learners are more interested in eLearning courses than traditional classroom courses.

eLearning courses enhance the learner’s skills and techniques very effectively and quickly.

Today, we at WPEducate will discuss the key benefits of learning through online courses.

Key Benefits Of Learning Courses

With the advancement in technology and connectivity, classrooms are becoming more advanced and modern using various technology and gadgets. The value of eLearning has been recognized by universities, colleges, schools, experts, and students. eLearning courses make learning better, engaging, and full of fun. Apart from their classroom courses, learners can now access global knowledge with the help of eLearning courses. 

Let’s dive in to see in detail the various benefits of Learning courses.

Freedom Of Time

Many learners don’t enroll in a course because of their daily hectic schedules of office work and don’t have free time to attend regular classroom courses. eLearning courses allow learners to learn and access courses whenever they need and at the pace of their time. A learner can utilize their leisure time to learn from the online courses. It easily fits into your daily work schedule. 

Ease In Learning 

Traditional learning is very engaging as learners learn in a group and face-to-face learning keeps them motivated. But on the other hand, many learners fall behind of the course due to their slow adaptability and way of learning.   

eLearning courses have adequate resources and learners can learn according to their adaptability rate. Online courses can easily maintain the learning gap of the learners as compared to the classroom courses for each and every learner.

Anytime Practice Sessions

eLearning courses provide you with bundles of practice questions of almost every level. While completing a particular topic you can easily practice the related question anytime. While traditional classroom courses don’t provide you the opportunity to solve the related questions.

Online learning allows learners to create their own time slots for practice and they can practice the exercise question anytime. It improves their retention rate and helps in a better understanding of the course knowledge.

Engaging Content

eLearning courses create a high level of engagement rate of learners as the courses contain various graphics, images, animation, and gamification elements that can make them engaging for a longer time. Today’s technology freak learners want to learn with the latest technology as it creates a level of interest among them. 

eLearning courses have surpassed traditional classroom courses in terms of the engagement level of the learners. A better engaging content helps learners in completing the course. It provides them a better learning experience and satisfaction to the learners.

Better Retention Rate

A better engagement rate means a better retention rate. Today’s learners are smarter, they can remember courses for a longer time. eLearning courses deliver better retention rates to the learners. It helps learners in implementing knowledge by practicing questions and applying them to their workspace.

eLearning courses include quizzes, cases, and assessments, etc. that can easily increase the retention rate of the learners. This way it provides a better retention rate to the learners.


I hope this article will help you in determining the benefits of learning through online courses. If you want to create your own eLearning business the WPEducate can help you in making your business successful. 

We provide you an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver your online courses to the learners. We make your courses more productive through a library of interactive elements.

In this situation like COVID, online courses are the best option for education. Online benefits of learning in studies and business also.

How To Improve The Viewability Of Your Advertisement

Do you want to improve the viewability of your advertisement?

Several companies are spending millions of dollars on digital advertising to promote their brands through the advertisement.

Ad viewability acts as an evaluation metric for the online campaigning of ads on social sites as well as regular sites.

Today we will discuss the various ways through which you can improve the viewability rate of your ads.

Place Your Ad On The Front Page 

Ads that are positioned on the front page of the website are visible without scrolling down the page. Placing your ads on the front page of a website doesn’t mean that the viewability of your ads has a rate of 100%. This is mainly because a large portion of visitors bounce back or quickly scroll through the page before leaving.

Therefore placing ads on the front page of the website will not ensure a 100% viewability rate but it will help you improve the viewability of your advertisement to a large extent.

Choose The Right Size

The size of your ads plays an important role in the viewability rate. The exact size of the advertisement depends on the type of device audiences are using. So choose the right size of your ads to gain maximum viewability of the audience.  

There is a significant variance in terms of the viewability rate of the different ad sizes. For images, you can choose a horizontal ad format of lower height while for video ads choose a larger size to increase its viewability.

Choose The Right Format

To increase the viewability of your ads it is important to place the right format of the advertisement. While designing your ads it is important to keep in mind that it should automatically optimize and fit for the different sized devices. 

Choose responsive ad formats like- Slide-In Ads, Dialog Ads, Bar Ads, Interstitial Ads, etc. that can resize itself along with the text and pictures to optimize the display of the devices and matches with the layout and elements on the page.

Embedded Ads

Embedded ads have a fixed position on the page of the website that can not be closed or removed by the users. Placing these types of ads can increase the viewability rate of the ads as these ads can be easily viewed by scrolling up and down.

Embedded ads attract the audience easily as it can be viewed when a user visits the landing page of the browser. This type of ad easily creates brand awareness among users. However, embedded ads may decrease the overall web browsing experience of users. 

Higher Loading Speed 

The loading speed of your ads should be high. Whenever a user visits the page or website your ads should be loaded in just a moment with the speed of loading of the website or page. Slow loading speeds decrease the viewability rate of your ads as the pages can be scrolled down by the users.

Try to keep the file size of image and video ads small so that it can even be loaded over the web at an instant speed of the page. A small size image can be loaded easily over the web. This can easily increase the rate of your ad viewability.


I hope this article has helped you in putting insight to increase the viewability of your ads. You can easily increase the viewability of your advertisement by following these ways. 

We at WPEducate provide you with an integrated plugin to increase the viewability of your ads. You can use our plugin for your WordPress site to easily place an ad. For more information check: wpadsence.com

Ways To Transform Your eLearning Courses

Are you creating new eLearning courses or reforming previously created eLearning?

Whether you are a course developer or online tutor, if you don’t have set goals and plans then your transformation of courses is going to fail.

Following a definite goal while designing your eLearning courses approach to eLearning program development. 

In this article, you at WPEducate will learn some important aspects that will help you in transforming your eLearning courses.

Transform Your eLearning Courses

As an online tutor or course developer you must be aware of the ADDIE model which includes stages like- Analysis – Design – Development – Implement – Evaluate. Many online course developers use this model to create their eLearning.

Even before you start building an online course, establish a clear goal and build a roadmap on that basis to achieve the determined goals from your eLearning courses. This is the most effective way to create highly engaging content for your learners.

Clear Objective

The first step in transforming your online courses is to set a clear objective for your course. Before setting up a clear objective for your course it would be better to conduct a detailed survey and analysis among the learners. Determine who your learners are and what they want to learn from your online courses.

These analyses and surveys will help you in defining a clear objective of your course. The learners can easily decide about the specific skill they will get while completing your course. Therefore defining a clear goal and objective makes learners positive so that they can easily engage with your course.

Include Quizzes And Questions

If you really want to transform your eLearning courses then you can’t refuse the power of quizzes and questions in your courses. Include Static Quizzes, Dynamic quizzes, Sections quiz and various types of questions like- MCQ, MCC, TF, Sort, Drop, FillBlank, Select Drop, etc. to make your courses more engaging. 

Having these types of approaches in your online courses makes your courses more static and popular among the learners. This will help you in transforming your online courses in a better way.

Better Retention

Delivering better retention rates to the learners is a very difficult task. A successful transfer of knowledge is that which is learned from the courses and applied to the workplace. So design your courses that are more realistic and relevant to the work environment. This way you can create a better retention rate among the learners.

Include quizzes, gamification elements, cases, and assessments, etc. for better retention rates. If possible provide practice-session after a gap to ensure retention of the initial learning. Encourage learners to review the previous training based on their performance for better retention rates.

Better Learning Experience

The success of any eLearning courses is determined on the basis of the learning experience of the learners. You can use various gamification elements, scenario-based learning while designing your eLearning courses to provide a better learning experience to the learners.

Including various gamification and scenario-based learning in your online courses helps learners in critical thinking and better decision making. If your online courses are able to provide a better learning experience to the learners then nothing can beat the success of your eLearning courses.


One last piece of advice at the end of this article is that view your eLearning courses through the eyes of the learners. Changes occur frequently, set the goals of your eLearning courses on the demand of the learners. I hope this article has been effective in showcasing the different ways through which you can transform your eLearning courses.

To know more about WPEducate you can contact us or comment below. We would like to get in touch with you.