Why Corporate Are Using Online Courses To Train Their Employees

Do you want to create courses for corporate learners?

Corporates are using online courses to train their employees.

Employees learn better with online courses as compared to traditional courses.

Today at WPEducate, we will discuss why corporates are using these courses to train their employees and how they are benefited from it.

Online Courses To Train Employees

These learning courses are becoming quite popular among corporates to train their employees. Corporate are using online courses as these courses are convenient, cheaper, and engage corporate learners for a longer time as compared to traditional courses. These courses have many benefits that’s why it is being considered by today’s learners.

Now, let’s dive in to see in detail the various benefits of these courses in training corporate employees.

Customized Digital Content

Many corporates and their employees struggle to manage their time to attend traditional classroom training. Many employees are busy while working and they are overwhelmed while taking classroom courses. So corporates are training them through these courses. 

These courses provide high-value content that can be customized according to the needs of the corporate learner. Therefore corporate is using these courses as customized digital content for the training of their employees whenever they need it.

Less Time Of Training

As we all know, the corporate has busy schedules and limited free time to take long traditional classroom courses. That’s why many corporate employees do not want to enhance their skills. These courses solve this problem as it can enhance their skills in very little time.

Online learning offers flexibility to learners while learning with this. These courses require less time and have made it possible for the employees to learn at their own convenience.

High Rate Of Retention 

Online courses are visually interactive that can create a high rate of retention among corporate learners. These courses contain various interactive images, videos, GIFs, etc. that can engage corporate learners for a longer period of time. 

These courses can be easily accessible on any device. It provides more flexibility and control while taking these courses. Therefore, employees can access online courses at their own pace rather than traditional classroom courses.

Collaborate Social Learning 

Corporate is always keen on providing the best to their employees. These courses are a way that provides an informal learning experience to the employees. Adding social learning in your online courses allows employees to interact with the other learners under the same courses.

This type of interactivity while learning encourages corporate employees to learn, share, and comment on the course content. Every employee can post their views, queries, and doubts while learning through courses. Thus online learning courses help the corporate employees in collaborating with one another.

Tracking The Success Of Employees

An LMS Like- WPLMS allows Corporates to track the overall performance of the corporate employees. The analytic tools in our LMS provide you a detailed report of the performance and progress of every employee. The detailed report includes their course delivery, progress, and the level of course completion of the employees.

Corporates are using these courses to track the overall success of your online courses. While instructors led traditional courses can not measure the performance and success of their employees. This way corporates are providing these courses to train their employees as per their learning pattern.


I hope this article will give an insight into developing courses for corporate employees. Almost every corporation is using these courses for enhancing the overall performance of its employees.

We at WPLMS provide you an LMS to deliver your courses. Our WPLMS App helps learners to access your online courses on almost every mobile device.

Mobile Learning Courses: How To Deliver It To Your Learners

Mobile devices have impacted the way through which we live, work and access information. 

With the advancement in technology, you don’t have to wait to deliver your online training courses.

Mobile learning courses allow learners to access online training courses on their mobile devices on-the-go at their convenience.

At WPEducate you will discuss several ways to deliver your mobile learning courses to the learners.

Ways To Deliver Your Online Courses

Mobile learning courses are attracting more learners toward it and it is increasing its reach to almost every learner. With the rise in the number of mobile learners, many course developers are using different ways to deliver their online courses on mobile devices.

While delivering mobile learning courses, you have to focus on responsive design and ease while accessing your courses. Delivering your mobile learning courses with different strategies can make business more successful. 

Let’s dive in, to explore the different ways of delivering your mobile learning courses.

Using Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile apps are the best way to deliver online courses. It allows learners to access your courses on any device. Mobile apps promote Just-In-Time training by offering your courses offline to the learners. A learner can easily switch from one device to another access to various contents like- documents, videos, audios, animations, etc.

Delivering your mobile learning courses through mobile apps provides ease in accessing your courses on-the-go. It makes your content easily available for the learners and they can access it anytime and anywhere.

Using Mobile Compatible Website

Many online course developers are using mobile compatible websites to deliver their mobile learning courses. It saves their time and resources as they don’t have to create multiple versions of the learning courses for each device.

Mobile compatible websites are developed using HTML5 and are compatible with all devices and browsers. These mobile websites run smoothly across all devices of Android and iOS platforms. Thus, learners can access your mobile courses on all kinds of browsers. 

Using Online Videos

Today’s learners are more attracted to online videos. Online videos can be easily accessed by the learners and they engage for longer periods of time with them. Thus online videos are the best way to deliver your mobile learning courses.

Online videos provide meaningful information in a shorter period of time rather than documents, text, and animation. Mobile learning videos help your learners in retaining the knowledge of learners for a longer period.

Using Gamification

Adding gamification factor in your online courses makes your online courses more successful. You can easily deliver your mobile learning courses using the gamification factor in your courses. Mobile optimize games can be easily accessible on any device.

Game-based learning courses increase the engagement time of the learners with your courses. Thus game-based mobile courses help learners to learn more bypassing several levels and to obtain the maximum score. Thus it can increase the productivity level of the learners.


I hope this article will help you in delivering your mobile learning courses. Using different-different strategies can make your mobile courses more successful. You can create a survey to know what your learners want and considering their feedback and suggestions can help in delivering a more engaging course. 

We at WPLMS LMS provide you a better solution to deliver your online mobile courses. WPLMS integrated mobile learning app helps your learners to access your courses on-the-go.

How To Improve Your Online Courses Using Survey And Feedback

Are you creating online courses that can meet the requirements of your learners?

Are your online courses falling short? 

Do you want to increase the success of your online courses?

Analyzing survey questions and learner feedback is a simple way to improve your online courses.

At WPEducate, you will learn how to improve your online courses using the feedback and survey questions from the learners.

How To Improve Your Online Courses

If your online courses are not getting popularity and success then you don’t have to worry a lot about improving your courses. You can create surveys and feedback questions for the learners about your course feedback. Analyzing this feedback from the learners can help you in designing a compelling online course for your learners. 

Let’s see some of the main aspects to improve your online courses using survey questions.

Recognize Needs Of The Learners

As an online course creator, identifying the needs of the learners before creating your courses can increase the overall success of your online courses. Create surveys among the learners to determine their needs and what they want to learn from your online courses.

Creating surveys can help you as well as your learners in getting the courses that they want. Besides this, it will help you in determining the way today’s students want to learn. Thus, you can create your online courses easily for targeted students.

Identify The Main Information

After a successful survey, use the only information from the survey results that can enhance the success of your online courses. Learners can point out the main difficulties and problems faced by them while completing your online courses. 

Identifying the main information from the survey and feedback from the learners and implementing it in your current and upcoming online courses to make it useful for your learners. This way you can improve your online courses.

Analyze Feedback Of Your Courses 

You can analyze the survey and feedback from your learners about your online courses. They can give you a better insight and idea about your online courses. It solely depends upon you whether you take a step to improve your courses or not

Analyze and determine the number of learners who like your courses and who dislike your courses. If there is a majority of students who like your courses then you can leave as it is and if the majority is in dislike then you have to improve your courses based on the suggestions of the students.

Implement Feedback In Your Courses

Surveys and feedback are the ways to determine whether your course content is meeting the expectation of your learners or not. Implementing the suggestions in your courses can make your learners more engaged and productive. 

Through surveys and feedback, you can present your courses in a more understandable way to the learners. With the information, you can meet the expectation of your learners.

Deliver Your Courses

Now, you have successfully collected learners’ feedback on how to improve your online courses. Even if your course average score is high then there are always some points to improve your online courses. Using an LMS you can provide better navigation and design to your courses. Simplicity in design can meet the needs of your learner effortlessly and easy navigation will help them in being engaged with your courses.


I hope this article will help you in putting insight into improving your online courses. Creating surveys and obtaining feedback is the best way to improve your online courses. WPLMS delivers your courses effortlessly and helps you in obtaining feedback and survey results after the successful courses. Book a free trial and demo with WPLMS today!!

Online Teaching Techniques For More Successful Courses

Teaching in online courses is different from traditional classroom courses.

Online Teaching an online course requires different skills and adaptation to the online learning environment.

Why Choose Different Teaching Techniques

In online courses, you have to implement different methods and techniques to deliver your online courses. Different teaching techniques set a platform for the learners to easily adapt the strategies while learning. 

Trying different tools along with your techniques like live streaming or podcasts helps your learners in better outcomes and engagement. Today, we at WPEducate will learn about the different teaching strategies so that you can make your online courses more effective and engaging for your learners.

Implement Cooperative Learning

Online courses are becoming more popular for the students as well as employees to enhance their learning skills and ability. Many online teachers and instructors do not interact or collaborate with the learners. In today’s online learning environment, cooperative learning is very necessary to implement in your online courses.

Modern learning software allows you to interact with the participants and promotes social learning. Social learning helps in the collaborative learning of the learners. It provides features like commenting and discussion in groups or forums to the learners.

Different learners have different learning styles and preferences. Some learners have only a few hours to learn from your online courses while others have regular time to learn. That’s why incorporating self-paced learning styles in your teaching styles can help students learn better, even when they spend the same amount of time.

Include Self-Paced Learning In Online Teaching

It can accommodate different learning rates and satisfy the needs of the learners. It is easy for learners to go over lessons more than once. So self-paced learning in your online training makes sense for the learners in providing better learning in their learning style.

Online Teaching Requires Multiple Tools For Better Engagement

While delivering your online courses you can create a blend of traditional online learning styles with newer styles using multiple software and LMS(Learning Management System) that can accelerate the learning methodology of the learners. You can use audio and visual tools to make your online courses more engaging. 

Working with a mix of different tools makes your online course content look almost the same between the online and face-to-face classroom teaching. It also introduces collaborative learning through your online courses program.

Mobile Optimized Courses

Apart from online teaching methodologies and skills, you have to make your online courses optimize for various devices like- Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, etc. to maximize your teaching methods. Mobile optimized courses allows learners to access up-to-date course materials and relevant content anywhere, anytime.

With mLearning, you can deliver your courses in bite-sizes that can easily access and help in quick learning. This helps the learners in learning at their own pace and increase their performance and productivity.

Interact With The Learners

One of the biggest disadvantages that most learners face is interaction with their online instructors. While delivering your online courses it becomes important for you to interact with the learners. To make your learners more engaging you can create groups and forums to connect and interact with your learners.

Create a live streaming session for your learners and let them ask questions during a lecture. Interacting with the learners makes them feel more personal toward your courses. Through chats or videos, these Q&A sessions connect learners and facilitate interaction between the students.


Implementing these techniques in your teaching you can create more engaging and effective courses for your learners. Keep experimenting with different techniques so that the learners can become attracted and engaged in your courses.

I hope you will surely find the best combination of online teaching techniques for your online courses. If you have any queries kindly comment below.

Blended Learning: A Productive Approach To Ensure Success

Do you want to design and deliver successful learning courses to your learners?

Blended learning is a way to deliver a well-thought-out and effective training that caters to the learner’s needs.

Today, We at WPEducate will help you in determining why blended learning is a productive approach to ensure success. 

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a term widely used to describe the combination of facilitated traditional classroom training and online training that creates an improved learning experience. It combines well with today’s generation as it takes less time and provides more learning choices to the learners.

What Makes Blended Learning A Productive Approach

Here we will discuss some of the parameters that will help you in determining that blended learning is a productive approach for your online courses

Collaborative Learning

Just like traditional ILT training, blended learning also promotes collaborative learning among learners. It collaborates learners in the discussion forums to discuss course-related issues, problems, and ideas. Learners can visit the discussion forums at their convenience and can give answers, comments, and ideas.

This is one of the impacts that blended learning has on your online courses. Choosing the right authoring tool keeps your learners collaborative with one another. 

Personalized Courses

In traditional classroom training, learners get training in groups. It might not be good practice for some learners as they can’t understand or didn’t like the teaching style of the trainer. To overcome this type of problems blended learning helps you in delivering personalized courses specially designed for the specific learners. 

Besides providing specific personalized courses you can also add various gamification elements, infographics, and charts to provide a better-personalized learning experience to the learners. 

Flexibility In Learning

Traditional classroom training has its own advantages and it becomes hard for corporate employees to meet up with the timing of the training. With the help of blended learning, they can plan when to learn based on their schedules. Thus it provides more flexibility to your online training and allows learners to learn at their convenience.

Blended learning helps instructors to provide flexible learning methods in terms of how and what to learn. It empowers learners to get control over their training and enables them to have easy access to the training content at their convenience through PCs and mobile devices on the go.

Engage More Learners

Not all learners learn at the same pace so combine some facilitated sessions with the online session to provide optimal environments for the learners. You can include videos, images, infographics, etc. to make your training more interactive and engaging. This sets a wider option to match their learning styles and preferences.

In blended learning, you can also add various gamification elements like- quizzes, puzzles, etc. to engage more learners. You can also offer certificates and badges when they successfully complete your courses. 


Every online course trainer prefers an effective strategy that should minimize the overall cost of the training. That’s why blended learning is an option to make your training cost-effective. To acquire the various necessary training resources and instructional designer’s needs it requires a lot of money.

Using the right authoring tool reduces the cost of creating online training. An authoring tool blends your ILT training with online training in very less time and reduces the overall cost of the training.


Blended learning is one way to engage and motivate your learners through online training. It reduces the cost of courses and provides an ease to the learners to take your training. I hope this article provides insights on why you should adopt blended learning to make your training more effective and significant. If you have any specific queries kindly do contact us or comment below.

How An LMS Makes Your Training More Effective And Powerful

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your online training? 

Effective and powerful training means higher knowledge retention, unlimited reach, an increase in learner’s engagement and performance, and lower cost.

A Learning Management System (LMS) provides a platform to manage, schedule, and plan your training. It tracks the performance of learners and makes your training more impactful.

Today, we at WPEducate will help you in taking a deeper dive to make your training more powerful and effective with the help of an LMS.

How An LMS Makes Your Training More Powerful

As we know that instructor based training is very best because it delivers a great knowledge retention rate. Besides having more features, it has several disadvantages such as having limited reach, higher costs, tracking learner performance, etc. 

With the advancement in technology, online learning is gaining its popularity. Many online educators and trainers are now switching toward online training and generating more ROI.

Delivers Training And Establish Learning Path

The learning management system helps you to deliver your training courses seamlessly to every user around the world. You can upload pre-recorded lectures, videos, audios, PDFs, GIFs easily. A learner can easily access your training from anywhere from all across the globe. 

Ease in the availability of training courses enhances learner’s engagement with your courses. This way an LMS helps you in establishing a learning path for the learners as they can take your training anytime and anywhere. 

Generates Reports And Analytics Of Learners

A good LMS helps you to generate reports of your training courses. This report shows the analytics of learners’ performance through your training. The report shows the rate of the learners completing your courses, the number of learners who left the courses, etc. 

Thus an LMS can help you in improving your training strategy, and suggest how you can make your courses more engaging. It provides a report and a quick overview of the learner experience. These reports can be shared with the other team members of your organization.

Creates Quizzes And Assessments

An LMS enables you to create quizzes so that you can test your learners’ understanding of a topic. Adding quizzes to your training helps you in attracting more learners and keep them more engaged. 

You can provide personalized feedback to the learners when they successfully complete your training as well as you can also receive feedback from learners. You can use these reports and feedback to identify the improvements.

Enroll Learners And Send Notifications 

An LMS helps you in assigning the relevant training courses to the learners. The auto-enrollment features automatically assign the training to the register learners. It uses the learner’s database such as title, location, department, course expiration date, and course completion status, etc. and based on these data they assign the training courses.

Setting up Email reminders for completing the current training courses and upcoming courses can be set up easily with the LMS. This ensures the learners and makes them aware of courses that need to be completed.

Benefits Of Using An LMS 

  • An LMS reduces the overall cost of your training and saves your time.
  • It provides learning on-the-go, shows their performance and sends feedback when a learner completes your training. 
  • LMS puts a great insight on the flexibility of learning as it provides courses whenever they need it. 
  • The user-friendly interface motivates learners and delivers an effective learning experience to the learners.


Now, we can clearly say that LMS can make your training more effective and powerful. An LMS automatically manages, tracks, and delivers your training courses to the learners in real-time. Thus choosing an LMS like- WPLMS makes your training more effective and powerful at lower cost.