Performance Support Tools: Everyone Should Know

Today’s learners expect convenient, quick, and pertinent answers to their workplace questions.

Performance Support Tool is the solution to all the questions. It is necessary to enhance the learner’s skills and knowledge.

Let’s dive in to see the detailed meaning of performance support tools, its key benefits and why should we use it.

What Are Performance Support Tools?

Performance Support Tools are a part of our everyday life as we all learn from different sources whether it is formal or structured training, taking specific help from colleagues, watching others to perform, etc.

Performance Support Tools are learning aids that provide the right information whenever you need it. These tools offer you a piece of targeted information that helps the learners solidify and enhancing their skills.

A good Performance Support Tool encompasses a variety of learning aids that also provide employees with on-the-job support. Many organizations have a structured approach to support training structured training and Performance Support Tools admirably fit in to fill this gap.

Offering Performance Support Tools

We at WPEducate offers you a variety of performance support tools in various formats. Some of these are:- 

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are an ideal way to provide information on the go. Whenever a learner needs any information then they can access the information anytime from anywhere. 


Gamification in today’s era is the key for the perform better in learning. Adding gamification elements can boost up the motivation for learning, and decreases boredom and unproductiveness. It acts as one way to make your learners work more enjoyable and more productive.

Interactive Videos

Most of the modern learners are more leveraged on the videos. An interactive video offers Performance Support when the learners get stuck. So an interactive video can help them whenever they need help.


If the concept you want to convey is not easy to visualize then using an animated picture can do your work. Animations are the right thing that you should look for. You can add various background music to make it more effective.


mLearning is a new way of training both for the students and large corporates. It provides all kind of knowledge using handheld devices and portable devices. A lot of content is present online and due to its huge variety, it becomes very easy for learners to access it.

Besides these, there are many more formats through which you can increase the performance of your learners. Many organizations are using these types of performance support tools to enhance the job learning of the employees. 

Key Benefits of Performance Support Tools

Performance Support Tools enables learners to learn things in a precise manner. The key benefits of Performance Support Tools are:-

Why Should You Use It?

Today’s learners are more attracted to working and learning informally. Learners are well versed with the advantage of learning and working simultaneously. Performance Support Tools are a great tool to boost employee performance.

Learners, as well as employees, can perform tasks independently without having any external help.

It saves the time of senior employees and guides less experienced employees.

Employees can complete their quality tasks in a shorter period of time as it helps them in understanding complex tasks easily.


Now, you can easily put a sight on Performance Support Tools and why you can easily use them. Various organizations and corporates are using it to enhance the job learning strategy for their employees. It acts as an advantage tool to transform learning experiences. 

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