Tips For Better Online Course Management

If you are an online course creator and unable to manage your online courses. 

To effectively manage your online courses, you must choose your battles. 

Your time is limited, so invest your actions that will pay off. This means to reduce the time you put into low-value work and increase the time that you put into high-value work. 

Today, we will the different ways through which you can manage your online courses as well as accomplish better completion rates for your online courses.

Use A Learning Management System

Using a suitable LMS will help you in completing your online courses quickly. LMS like WPLMS provides drag and drop features in which you have to drag your course content and videos and your website is ready. Using an LMS will give learners immediate feedback, automatic grading and provides multiple-choice quizzes and other gamification factors by reducing your time.

Instead of trying to monitor how your learners are progressing through your course, choose an automation system like WPLMS which can track the progress of every student. It also sends them reminders if they did not sign up for taking the courses and only notifies you when it requires your attention.

Encourage Learners To Help Each Other

You should try to encourage your students to work together and create a learning environment for them. Build a community where students can support, motivate, ask questions and encourage each other when they struggle with the course materials.

You should also allow yourself to take part in this because it will encourage students as well. Participating in your forum or community discussions will save your time in solving the queries of the students and will save the energy and the effort.

Use Your Online Course Contents For Marketing

Creating content for your online courses takes a lot of time. Many online course creators feel that they have very little time to create extra content for marketing purposes. Most of your course content can be used in online marketing and if have videos in your courses then you have created enough material to market your new course. 

You can take some videos and course content to share on social media, or repackage the first lesson as a downloadable PDF to attract more learners toward your courses.

Define Short-Term Goals For Your Courses

There should be always a long-term goal to keep us going but defining short-term goals can help in completing your courses quickly. It will also help you in assessing both the daily tasks and the order in which you need to complete your online courses. 

Short-term objectives are like the building blocks that will help you in recognizing any kind of obstacles that comes in your way while completing your online courses.

Create A Help Section For your Courses

After finishing your online course, the students will try to reach you for the questions and queries related to your course and this will consume your time and you will not be able to complete your next online course on time. 

So to deal with the learners when they need help with the course, create a help section for your course from where students can find information on their own. Create a syllabus with the most important course information, and post it in the help section after finishing your course so that students can find it.


As per my views, these tips will surely help you in managing your online courses. The more you will manage your online courses, the faster you can achieve the completion rate of your online courses. This will not only cut down your stress but will also help you in bringing in more students.

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