Ways To Transform Your eLearning Courses

eLearning courses

Are you creating new eLearning courses or reforming previously created eLearning?

Whether you are a course developer or online tutor, if you don’t have set goals and plans then your transformation of courses is going to fail.

Following a definite goal while designing your eLearning courses approach to eLearning program development. 

In this article, you at WPEducate will learn some important aspects that will help you in transforming your eLearning courses.

Transform Your eLearning Courses

As an online tutor or course developer you must be aware of the ADDIE model which includes stages like- Analysis – Design – Development – Implement – Evaluate. Many online course developers use this model to create their eLearning.

Even before you start building an online course, establish a clear goal and build a roadmap on that basis to achieve the determined goals from your eLearning courses. This is the most effective way to create highly engaging content for your learners.

Clear Objective

The first step in transforming your online courses is to set a clear objective for your course. Before setting up a clear objective for your course it would be better to conduct a detailed survey and analysis among the learners. Determine who your learners are and what they want to learn from your online courses.

These analyses and surveys will help you in defining a clear objective of your course. The learners can easily decide about the specific skill they will get while completing your course. Therefore defining a clear goal and objective makes learners positive so that they can easily engage with your course.

Include Quizzes And Questions

If you really want to transform your eLearning courses then you can’t refuse the power of quizzes and questions in your courses. Include Static Quizzes, Dynamic quizzes, Sections quiz and various types of questions like- MCQ, MCC, TF, Sort, Drop, FillBlank, Select Drop, etc. to make your courses more engaging. 

Having these types of approaches in your online courses makes your courses more static and popular among the learners. This will help you in transforming your online courses in a better way.

Better Retention

Delivering better retention rates to the learners is a very difficult task. A successful transfer of knowledge is that which is learned from the courses and applied to the workplace. So design your courses that are more realistic and relevant to the work environment. This way you can create a better retention rate among the learners.

Include quizzes, gamification elements, cases, and assessments, etc. for better retention rates. If possible provide practice-session after a gap to ensure retention of the initial learning. Encourage learners to review the previous training based on their performance for better retention rates.

Better Learning Experience

The success of any eLearning courses is determined on the basis of the learning experience of the learners. You can use various gamification elements, scenario-based learning while designing your eLearning courses to provide a better learning experience to the learners.

Including various gamification and scenario-based learning in your online courses helps learners in critical thinking and better decision making. If your online courses are able to provide a better learning experience to the learners then nothing can beat the success of your eLearning courses.


One last piece of advice at the end of this article is that view your eLearning courses through the eyes of the learners. Changes occur frequently, set the goals of your eLearning courses on the demand of the learners. I hope this article has been effective in showcasing the different ways through which you can transform your eLearning courses.

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