Why AI In Gamification Courses Consider As A Modern eLearning Tool

Learning with the help of interactive elements and gamification has proven the result to support the process of learning.

Artificial intelligence in gamification fully emulates human intelligence throughout the learning process.

In this article, we will learn how AI in gamification is the modern eLearning tool and how it enhances the learning process.

Artificial Intelligence In Gamification

Gamification in eLearning courses applies to the design and development of courses in a rewarding, engaging, and interactive way. Instead, learners are unable to engage with the courses that’s why gamifying your online courses aren’t as simple as a few popup rewards at random intervals.

Artificial Intelligence in gamification helps you in designing your courses or implementing gamification elements to the existing courses. When learners start learning through your courses then AI analyzes the profile and previous performance of the learners. While the first gamification-based course levels are simple. However, as learners progress, they are presented with new courses or content that keep them motivated to clear the existing challenge and move to the next level of courses. Thus, AI analyzes the performance and based on the level of skill it delivers the gamification-based courses and keeps them engaged throughout the learning process.

AI Makes Courses Interactive And Exciting

We all know the benefits of gamification in eLearning but AI-based gamification courses motivate the learners to access and use the online learning courses more frequently. AI offers them courses based on their skills and learning behavior in a well-designed game environment. This makes the courses more interactive and exciting for continuous learning for the learners. AI in gamification courses keeps the pitching balance and uses stories to embedded learners in the learning.

Increases The Engagement Rate Of The Learners

Artificial Intelligence in gamification helps the course developers and trainers to create learning experiences that can fully engage the learners. AI uses the gamification elements in such a way that it can hold their attention and motivate them to learn by providing stimulation and striving them to reach a goal. When the courses and knowledge are imparted and delivered to the learners according to their favorable experience then they engage with the courses for a longer time.

AI Implements Real-World Applications

AI in your eLearning courses allows learners to see the real-world applications by adding various scenarios, animations, and gamification elements. AI with the gamification courses allows learners to explore a topic at length and get a firm grasp on how they will apply the information outside of the virtual classroom. This way you are able to provide courses based on the values and benefits they will provide to the learners in the real-world experience.

Reward Learners And Improve Learning Experience

Besides engaging learners and making eLearning fun and interactive, AI in gamification courses improves the overall learning experience of the learners. While completing every level of the gamification courses, learners are automatically awarded with personalized badges. If they don’t perform well then they aren’t rewarded and not able to progress to the next level. When learners feel positive about their learning process then they stop becoming passive observers and turn into active participants. This way AI in gamification courses makes the whole experience even more satisfying and rewarding.


Artificial Intelligence in gamification courses is lowering the barriers of learning. It aims at providing courses with various interactivity that are familiar to the modern learners. If you want to implement Artificial Intelligence as a tool in your eLearning courses then we at WPLMS can help you to do so. Reach to us or comment below to learn more from us.

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