Why An LMS With Video Conferencing Is Essential For Online Training

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Do you want to provide effective training to the learners?

Whether your LMS integrates with a video conferencing system or webinar tools?

An LMS with a video conferencing system can enhance your online training and deliver effective training to the learners.

In this article, we’ll discuss how an LMS with video conferencing is essential for effective training of the learners and support your learning objectives.

Learning Management Systems With Video Conferencing

In today’s video age, learners don’t want to learn through plain text courses just by reading. They want to learn through video courses or face-to-face live sessions. That’s why most of the L&D professionals and businesses are switching to the LMS with video conferencing capabilities.

Integrating an LMS with a video conferencing system can help you in meeting up several challenges. Delivering training through video conferencing bridges the gap of distant learning and makes your learners feel motivated toward learning. It also helps in increasing team spirit, resilience, and productivity of the learners while training in a group.

Why An LMS With Video Conferencing Is Essential?

If you have a regular eLearning LMS that doesn’t have any video conferencing integration then you can simply deliver the training but can never interact with your learners. But, having a feature of video conferencing in your learning management system can help you to improve the training experience of the learners along with the feedback of the learners.

With the help of video conferencing, you can easily connect with your remote learners and provide them training according to their needs. This will help you in delivering an immersive learning experience to the learners. A video conferencing LMS creates a connection between the trainer and the learners through group lessons or one-on-one meetings.

Easy Access To Training Courses

A video training session plays an important role in the training of the learners. From face-to-face learning sessions to webinars to video conferencing, you can easily deliver your online training. This will engage more and more learners and will fulfill the training needs of the learners. Learners will be able to access both live and recorded training sessions anytime and anywhere. This will streamline the training of your learners.

Interactive Learning Sessions

Learning through video courses or face-to-face training generates a different level of interest among the learners. You can use various interactive elements like- gamification, scenario, character, etc. in your training session to make the training more engaging and interesting for the learners. This makes your online training more engaging and delivers an interactive learning experience to the learners.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Having an LMS with video conferencing features allows you to connect with the learners and deliver training that promotes a collaborative learning environment for the learners. While training your learners, you can host video meetings from your Learning Management System and collaborate with learners of different locations. This way a video conferencing LMS helps in building a collaborative learning environment.


An LMS with video conferencing provides a learning experience much closer to the classroom session. If you want to deliver consistent and collaborative training to your learners then WPLMS is the right platform you can consider. It delivers on-the-go training to the learners regardless of location, device, or operating system.

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