Why Instructional Design Is Essential For Your eLearning Courses

eLearning Courses

Do you want to create great eLearning courses for your learners?

Instructional design plays an important role while designing your eLearning courses. 

Instructional design helps you in creating an eLearning course that provides a good learning experience to the learners.

In this post, we at WPEducate will learn why instructional design is important for your eLearning courses.

What Is An Instructional Design?

In today’s world, knowledge can be acquired in multiple ways like- eLearning courses, video lectures, listening to a podcast, Infographics, following a guided simulation, and through the combination of these. Instructional design is all about creating effective eLearning courses for your learners to provide a memorable learning experience to them. It provides a platform to use different tools, creativity, strategies, and programs to make your eLearning courses better and engaging.

Using instructional design while creating your online courses means focusing on the needs of learners, fulfilling their demand, with the help of “Subject Matter Expert”. This will help in creating a better eLearning course for your learners.

Why instructional Design Is Essential For eLearning Courses

Instructional Design Models For Better eLearning

With the help of various instructional design models like- ADDIE, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, etc. you can create a quality eLearning content of courses for your learners. Proper selection of instructional design models for your eLearning courses can help you in setting the goals and directions of your course.  

These models are the basis for designing eLearning courses. Implementing the selected model guidelines and their rules while designing eLearning courses helps you in designing an organized course.

Make Your Courses Free From Copyright Issues

Using instructional design while creating your eLearning courses not only helps you in creating a good course by meeting the learning goals of the learners but it also helps you in designing a course that is free from copyright issues. It helps you in reviewing the content of your course, preparing answers and questions, and all materials that are necessary for your eLearning courses.

It suggests an alternative open-source material when your course and its content meets with any types of copyright issues. Thus, instructional design is a way to keep your course away from any type of copyright issues.

Instructional Design Makes Courses Easily Accessible

No doubt, instructional design makes your eLearning better and engaging but its best practice in designing your eLearning courses makes it easy for the learners to access your courses. Instructional designing considers accessibility while developing any eLearning materials so that it could provide a better learning experience to the users.

With the help of instructional design, you can easily include proper heading styles, alt-text for an image, workable hyperlinks, closed captioning, and downloadable audio and video in your eLearning courses. This will help your learners in accessing the course easily.

Instructional Design Meets With The Latest Technologies

Instructional design is a way to introduce new technologies and features to your eLearning courses. You can add various technologies like- Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Multimedia tools, etc. while designing your eLearning course. This will help you in delivering a good learning experience to the learners. 

The instructional design also enhances the commonly used educational technologies like- Learning Management Systems (LMS) to boost the engagement of the learners. This way it provides the ability to lead eLearning in a more innovative way.


I hope this post will help in designing a good eLearning course with the help of the “Instructional Design”. Instructional design with several features guides the design process of your eLearning course and turns your brilliant ideas into reality. That’s why Instructional Design is essential for your eLearning course.

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