Why We Need To Move Beyond Traditional eLearning

Traditional eLearning means those horrible PDFs, old text-heavy, boring stuff, dry information, etc. that are branded as eLearning courses. 

A lot of online course creators have probably come across it at some point as it provides an extremely dull experience to the learners and has awful stock imagery or even none at all. 

Today, we will learn the different reasons why traditional eLearning needs an overhaul to go through from being unbelievably boring.

Uninvolvement Of The Traditional eLearning

A good and interactive eLearning courses help you in learning by involving, engaging and grabbing your attention throughout the courses. While a traditional eLearning course has nothing to offer and makes your experience dull, boring and equally overwhelmed while taking eLearning courses. 

The difference is very similar as you can notice that a learner can easily understand and learn with the teachers whose attention is solely on the students. So try to make your eLearning courses interactive, engaging and full of fun to attract their attention.

Lack Of Evaluation

Many course creators still use traditional methods to create their online courses and take more time in completing their courses. They do not give attention to evaluating the effectiveness and success of online courses.

These traditional eLearning courses might not be able to successfully communicate few facts throughout the courses and the majority of information does not provide long-lasting effects on the learners.

Poor Retention Rates

As an online course creator if you are still providing this type of traditional eLearning courses then you are lacking behind and failing to overcome a huge pitfall of the learning process. This creates a poor retention rate of your eLearning courses among the learners.

Traditional eLearning courses offer nothing but a boring and dull exercise, which once it is over and forgotten by the learners. This type of eLearning course will reduce your popularity and leads to downfall in your online course market.

Unresponsive And Inflexible

Traditional eLearning courses are unresponsive and inflexible to the learners and nobody wants to be restricted in completing eLearning courses solely on a desktop or laptop.

Today we live in the digital world where everything is at our fingertips, and more learners are taking eLearning courses on-the-go to save their time and resources. So your eLearning courses need to be easily accessible anywhere on any device.

Non-interactive and Non-engaging

In an attempt to add some interactivity features to the eLearning courses some course providers only add “previous” and “next” buttons to their eLearning courses and then claim that their courses are interactive. But clicking through pages of text makes your learners tedious and boring very quickly.  

Nowadays learners are more prone to be distracted by their phones. So try to make your eLearning courses engaging and interactive. This will keep your learners on their toes and will also stop them from becoming easily distracted.


Not all eLearning courses are equal and we all need to stop creating traditional eLearning courses because this type of approach doesn’t work anymore in the fast phase of technology. You should create an eLearning course that has genuine meaning, easily accessible and should engage the learners.


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