About WP Educate.

Whether you’re an instructor or a teacher or a skilled person, you can always teach others. When it comes to teaching online there are various options available. The current state of affairs in online education industry is almost unaffordable to regular user, it very expensive, complex and there is a learning curve behind every option. So, if you want to try out you’ll be surprised to see the costs involved, however, in WordPress it is a different story. The main factor is that whilst all other options include the costs of a “content creation” platform in WordPress this part is free. Hence online teaching options are cheaper, much cheaper than anywhere else.

In WP educate we aim to spread this awareness, WordPress is a 10 year old revolutionary content management system it is most secure and widely adopted across internet. Roughly 37% sites are powered by WordPress and its eCommerce plugin “WooCommerce” has also surpassed eCommerce platforms popularity like Shopify etc. The best part is that both WordPress and WooCommerce are open source and totally free.

We want everyone should try out WordPress for their online education sites.

Oh another point, we own the licenses of almost all the WordPress eLearning plugins/themes, if you think we missed something out, you’re always free to point it out to us at [email protected]