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    Microlearning Videos: Make Your Online Training More Effective

    As an online course trainer, Do you want to make your training more effective? Microlearning videos create awareness, build participation, and offer reinforcement of learning. It facilitates on-demand learning, increases the impact, and makes your training more effective. Here at WPEducate, we will learn how we can optimize microlearning videos in online courses training. Microlearning […]


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    Cloud Vs. Desktop Authoring Tools: Which Is Better For Online Training?

    Are you confused while choosing the right authoring tool for your online training courses? Authoring tools, with the advancement in technology, has affected the way organizations manage their online training. Cloud-Based Vs. Desktop Authoring Tools Earlier, online course developers had quite limited options while creating new training courses for their organization. Now, there are two […]


  • Factors That Enhance The Learning From Your Courses

    A lot of research goes into account while designing a good online course. Online Instructional Designers have to study deep into the psychology of learners, specifically how they will learn and it will affect the learning process. Today, we will help you in determining those critical factors that affect the learning of learners while creating […]


  • How To Motivate Learners For Your Online Courses

    Are you tired of setting up challenges to hook your learners engaged with your online courses? Keeping your motivate learners throughout the online course is a challenge for most of the online course creators. Today, we at WPLMS will learn some of the ways so that you can maintain learner’s motivation with your online courses. […]

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  • Personalized Online Courses To Drive Better Performance

    Have you ever designed a course for your learners to drive better performance? Adopting personalized eLearning is like delivering quality of learning experience to your learners. We at WPLMS will help you in creating personalized online courses and here you will also learn about the benefits of using it in your online course. What Is […]


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    Generating New Ideas For A Profitable Online Courses

    Most creators who launch an online course are not happy with the outcomes and reviews from the learners. This happens because the course creator did not find the right idea or created their course without doing any research. So are you ready to figure out the best ideas for your online courses? Let’s get started! […]