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  • blind and deaf people online class

    Online Education Technique For Blind and Deaf People

    What if people with physically disabled challenges like deafness and blindness want to study at a normal pace with the same amount of dedication as we do? Is there a subtle solution to churn out their ability for better utilization of their skills? A learning management system provides with numerous extensive feature, which is also […]

  • iPhone OS

    Top LMS for iOS

    ios stands for iPhone OS. 80% of all employees use smartphone at work. The mobile workforce is going to double or triple in size by the year 2019 with 70% of on-the-go professionals taking care of business on their personal mobile devices. So now we will discuss about this table. In this table, I have […]

  • MOOC- Massive Open Online Course

    MOOC-Massive Open Online Courses

    It’s great to see an evolution of opencourseware. Ever heard about MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses ) ? it has a mass of theory within itself. With MOOC, it has also become easy for the students, professors and teaching professionals, convey as well as preach education online. Moreover, it has reframed the entire education […]

  • experiential learning

    Experiential Learning-Learn with your own experience

    Have you ever tried learning through a detailed experimentation or evolution on your studies? How is experiential learning helping you as a student develop a strong niche? It is very important to know that an experiential learning is not that easy. It has learning theories, field research, service learning and more. For eg: while on […]

  • e-learning and m-learning

    Facts that are yet to be explored about LMS!

    E-learning via LMS is one of the fastest growing and accredited form of teaching where experienced instructors, as well as professionals, teach according to their experience as well as course line. This is how an LMS has gained an extensive amount of appreciation with its widespread services all over the web. At your utter surprised […]

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