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experiential learning

Have you ever tried learning through a detailed experimentation or evolution on your studies? How is experiential learning helping you as a student develop a strong niche? It is very important to know that an experiential learning is not that easy. It has learning theories, field research, service learning and more. For eg: while on the job, there are case studies and scenarios given to the employees or customer service executives and that is how the experiential learning goes on in the corporates.

Similarly in an LMS as well, there are options included in the software which leads to experiential learning.

How is experiential learning a great tool for learning in detail?

Learning sometimes has its own pros and cons, where there are heap of theories as well as paperwork involved. But on the other hand in terms of experiential learning, you need to experience a live environment and learn according to that. For eg: practicing scientific experiments and noting down completed assignments or clicking few pictures of monuments and pasting it into the history test paper. So this is how an experiential learning works wonders.

What are the advantages of experiential learning?

An experiential learning is quite unique with its knows and hows. Furthermore, it enhances, skills and ability to work in a free experimental space. Therefore, experiential learning is surrounded with benefits that includes.

  1. Provides safe learning environment
  2. Provides accurate assessment results
  3. It enables personalised learning
  4. It gives a space of an extraordinary knowledge between practical and theory

What is the objective of experiential learning

With an aim to provide with a study that is not only worth the experience without any mind boggling learning but it contributes to an understanding that is best in terms of bestowing an accurate result.

It moreover provides a wide scope for the student to translate theory into reality which includes even traveling and jotting down the important points about for eg: a landscape that is old in the history.

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What are the institutes as well as industries that use experiential learning

There are few of the core industries which has this concept of studying

  1. Clinical or pharmaceutical services
  2. Education
  3. Horse industry

How is it used in an LMS?

Students are nowadays more inclined towards interactive and intuitive learning, where experiential learning plays a great role.

In an Learning Management System there are various options that makes an experiential learning gain activities, quizzes which helps a student participate into that and learn. There are categories as well as course options to choose from.

Here are few of the elements that define experiential learning in an LMS


With the experiential effect, it is easy and quick for the students to mug up all the lessons.


Students can provide with feedback as they experiment on their course studies.


Working into dynamic and constant evolving environment,students get to apply their mental abilities in the most productive way.

What are the best practices in experiential learning

Experiential learning has highlighted the good source of literature learning as well.

There are mainly two types of experiential learning that includes.

  1. Classroom based experiential learning and
  2. Field based experiential learning

In both types, a student gets to perform his/her best with practical simulations as well as group study with experiential learning into the LMS.

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