How Microlearning Videos Enhance The Training Of Modern Learners

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Are your training courses left incomplete by the learners? 

Have you ever realized that your training courses are familiar to modern learners?

Modern learners prefer watching a video rather than reading a text document.

Videos are an effective method of training and microlearning focuses on a specific concept or topic to create engaging learning experiences.

In this article, we will discuss how videos and microlearning help you in delivering enhanced training to learners.

Microlearning+Videos For Online Training

Microlearning is a training strategy that delivers effective training in a short duration. Including videos in your microlearning can make your training more effective. Microlearning training with short-duration videos provides additional information and increases subject matter recall and retention.

Microlearning training with short and impactful videos can help learners understand the subject matter better as compared to the text or PDFs based training. You can use microlearning video training to explain how to deal with a specific issue, challenge, or problem. Thus, easy-to-digest learning courses that deliver just-in-time information can easily enhance the training of modern learners.

Provide Just-in-Time Training

Microlearning videos are two to three minutes long and are capable of delivering better training to the learners. These videos are great to deliver a single concept, process, skill, or bit of knowledge to the learners. You can use this type of training videos to provide instant training to the learners instead of delivering full courses to the learners. This reduces the time of training and brings better results in a shorter time spent.

Interactive Videos Deliver Immersive Experience

Microlearning videos if created using various interactivity then it can enhance the training to a great extent. You can include interactive videos into your microlearning courses or modules to provide an immersive experience to your learners. An interactive video as a visual medium tells your visual story and focuses on conveying a strong narrative story.

Micro Videos Easily Explain A Process

When learners learn through an approach that easily defines the learning approach then it becomes an integral part of their learning process. You can effectively use micro-videos in your training methods to explain a process in an engaging way to your learners. Micro videos allow you to create high-impact visuals, be mindful of not adding elements that can distract the learners.

Scenario-Based Training Videos

A perfect way to deliver training to the learners is by incorporating a scenario-based microlearning strategy. This strategy includes real-life experiences and situations videos that help learners relate to the learning content and how they can apply it in real life. Thus, microlearning videos enable learners to think through complex problems and situations and develop problem-solving skills.

Experiential Video For Better Learning

Learners only learn from their experiences. As an L&D professional, you cannot teach anyone with plain text-based courses. Experiential video helps learners to pick the right path according to their cognitive ability. This way microlearning videos with micromodule sessions deliver a better learning experience that enables a brainstorming session.


I hope this article showcases the impact of microlearning videos in the training of modern learners. Microlearning videos are a very versatile format and can be used as part of your formal training as well as for performance support training to the learners. You can create a better training module by combining high-impact videos in a microlearning format.

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