Just-In-Time Training: Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Training

Workforce Development

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your training?

Do you want to provide your resources to your employees when they need them most?

Just-in-time training is a way to provide instant training to your employees.

JIT training is a short, concise, and highly specific training strategy that delivers a particular learning objective.

In this article, I will share insight about just-in-time training and how it increases the effectiveness of your training.

What Is Just-In-Time Training?

Many of us consider just-in-time training as microlearning training but these two are different approaches. Microlearning is a one-size-fits-all type of course or training that delivers skills to the learners. While just-in-time training is the delivery of short information that allows your learners or employees to access it just before they are required to actually make use of the information in their jobs. Just-in-time type of training improves the working balance of your employees as well as enhances their skill sets.  

Why Just-In-Time Training Is Important

As learning professionals, we face many challenges while training our learners. Many organizations do not have a structured training approach to provide the training to their employees. Organizations may deploy Learning Management Systems (LMS) for training their employees and provide learning content, but if the content or training is not available for them whenever they need then all these learning assets will go down the drain.

Therefore, just-in-time training strategy helps you in meeting the exceptional demand and training needs of your employees while being at work. This way it provides training to the employees beyond formal or structured training.

Microlearning + Just-In-Time Training

We all know the impact of microlearning courses, their engagement rate, and their capabilities to provide a particular skill to the learners. When these short or chunked-sized microlearning contents are delivered to the employees through just-in-time training then they can absorb the information easily. Just-in-time training will help them to apply it in the real world to improve their performance and overcome common challenges.

Increases Retention Rate Of The Employees

The just-in-time training approach allows you to deliver the training or content that an employee seeks out in emergency situations to complete the task. It helps them in clinching with a tough customer or solving an issue while working. Thus, it delivers a quick review of a relevant simulation or case study and helps employees in implementing the information in their job roles. This way it generates a better and increased retention rate of the training.

Delivers The Training Efficiently

Just-in-time online training requires multiple levels of planning from the instructional designer and online instructor to create effective training. If implemented and curated to fulfills the needs of the learners then nothing can beat the level of just-in-time training. It should be carefully designed and should be of shorter length to provide easy access, online and offline delivery of training across multiple platforms and devices.

Effective Training With Just-In-Time Training

With the advancement in technology, just-in-time training can be accessed and provide better results to the employees in real-time. When an employee accesses the repository of information then it allows them to learn new skills on the move. Just-in-time online training after in-depth training, discussions, and follow-ups adds more effectiveness to your training strategy.


Just-in-time online training seems to be an effective training strategy to enhance the employee’s skills and performance. With just-in-time training, employees came across the moment of teaching themselves during their moment of need.

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