MOOC-Massive Open Online Courses

MOOC- Massive Open Online Course

It’s great to see an evolution of opencourseware. Ever heard about MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses ) ? it has a mass of theory within itself. With MOOC, it has also become easy for the students, professors and teaching professionals, convey as well as preach education online. Moreover, it has reframed the entire education system with an approach of better learning. For eg there are lectures, video or video tutorials,study material as well as groups for online study that are included in MOOC. It perfectly supports distance learning, which provides certification as well. There were multiple platforms, philosophy and formulas applied to the MOOC study which is processed  online.

With this note, let’s take a look at some of the advantages, facts as well as examples about MOOC.

What is exactly a MOOC?

A MOOC is basically a web based platform that allows students study with a distance education. This is one of the best platform in case you want to pursue a course but you are unable to do so. You get to have an access over various different courses that have the same theory a college or an institute does.

What are its advantages?

  1. Courses are provided for free
  2. Every single course is given to a diverse range of people
  3. Performance can be easily tracked at the start of course.
  4. There is an interactive textbook, pre-recorded videos, quizzes as well as projects.
  5. It supports blended learning program
  6. You can improvise your learning pattern as well with MOOC and save time accordingly.

What are the best examples of MOOC?

There are few of the MOOC’s that have given an immense platform to the online learners, they are.


With this online course platform, a student can go through his/her preferred subject with audio textbooks, pre recorded videos and all relevant course content. Moreover, certificates are offered while course completion. They have partnered with renowned universities to provide catalog, e sample papers etc.


Gaining a new skill is now easy and on the go with almost 300+ courses. Treehouse provides with valuable range of plans exclusively designed for you. Starting with the basics to higher level course pattern, treehouse lends all the students a helping hand.


Through this MOOC platform, you get to choose from various categories that includes subjects, courses in respect to marketing, development, business and more. At a very reasonable price, you get to complete an entire set of semester, in the meanwhile, you can also go through other enrolments as well.

There are various top courses through which students can browse and get into the course guidelines and theory. Not only this, there are weekly series, learning pat, audio books etc. Opt from one and learn to the best. Lynda trains you throughout the module.

Code academy

Over here, there are coding tutorials as well as subjects that have the basics and intermediate level learning where web development, programming, data science are an immense part.

Unknown facts about MOOC

  1. In  2013, university of Tasmania created courses that were named as ‘Nature’.(
  2. Mooc content offers people course that help people in enhancing and specialising their skills.(
  3. Coursera is the world’s largest course provider. It has over 161 universities in their loop.

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