How Gamification And Microlearning Makes eLearning Smarter

Gamification and Microlearning are the two interactivity that easily enhances the learning experience of the learners.

Infusing these two interactives at the same time can make your eLearning more compelling and engaging.

In this article, we will learn how gamification and microlearning make your eLearning courses more smarter and compelling.

Gamification And Microlearning Makes eLearning Interactive

Gamification in the eLearning courses can easily convert boring subjects into interactive ones and enhance the learning experience of the learners through fun and play. To create great eLearning courses, it requires a lot of planning and including the right gamification nugget like- Levels, Points, Badges, etc. that can easily engage the learners.

Microlearning is the process of delivering your courses into small chunks. It makes your regular courses short and focused so that learners can easily adapt to their learning flow.

Infusing these two interactivity in your eLearning courses can make your eLearning engaging as well as attract the traffic of learners. Let’s see how it makes your eLearning smarter and improves learner’s performance.

Challenges Improve Learners Performance

Gamification and microlearning in your eLearning courses easily challenge the learners and motivates them to learn. When you create gamification elements like- level and scenario-based learning challenges for the learners then microlearning allows you to easily convert the courses into small chunks. This means that the learner will learn a specific topic at a particular level. Gamification leaderboards allow learners to compete with the other learners or you can also use badges so that improves themselves by completing all the challenges.

Scenario Based Learning To Engage Learners

Delivering scenario-based eLearning courses to the learners is still a dream of many course developers and online trainers. Adding a blend of microlearning and gamification nuggets in your eLearning helps you in delivering scenario-based learning. Scenario-based eLearning courses include – storytelling, character-based, treasure hunt, puzzle learning, etc. which easily engages the learners without disrupting their work. Microlearning with its short learning courses can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes of learning.

Include Micro Gamification To Your eLearning

Adding meaningless games to your eLearning courses can reduce the engagement of the learners. If you really want to increase the engagement of the learners then you can use microlearning content instead of adding gamification elements to the long courses. This increases the score point of the learners as they can easily complete the microlearning courses. Deploying a pop-up microlearning quiz or questions so that learners can easily determine their retention ability.

Personalized Gamification With Touch Of Microlearning

To deliver more personalized eLearning courses using various gamification strategies is a way to engage more learners. Various gamification nuggets can be to deliver more personalized courses to the learners. Converting your regular courses to microlearning courses while adding various gamification elements adds a personalized feeling to your courses. Thus, a well-versed combination of gamification and microlearning in your eLearning courses easily reduces the skill gap of the learners and helps them in better learning.

Improves Retention Rate Of The Learners

It is quite challenging for online trainers and professionals to deliver an eLearning course that is easy to remember and can be easily retained by the learners whenever required. A microlearning course with feature-rich gamification adds various interactives to the eLearning courses and helps learners to beat the forgetting curve as well as increase their retention rate. Learners can easily retain or recall the information that they have learned through interesting gamification and microlearning courses.


We have discussed the various advantages of having a well-versed combination of gamification and microlearning courses that makes your eLearning smarter. We at WPEducate make your eLearning courses more smarter and engaging.

Tips To Motivate Learners During COVID-19 Pandemic

Motivate learners during COVID-19 pandemic is tough challenge among the course developers and trainers.

We are all facing difficulty in living a normal life as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all hard across the globe.

Teaching and learning can be quite hard in this pandemic situation.

In this article, I will discuss the various tips that will help you in motivating your learners in this pandemic situation to learn more.

How To Improve Learner’s Motivation During COVID-19

We all are facing the pandemic situation of COVID-19 since the last quarter of 2019. Almost every sector is affected by the spread of coronavirus and our eLearning and education sector is badly affected. Schools and colleges all over the world have shut down entirely to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Schools and colleges are conducting online classes and are switching to the eLearning courses to provide better academic learning to the students. While online learning has become a new trend among the learners and on the other hand, many course developers and online trainers are facing unique challenges to engage and motivate learners to adopt eLearning courses.

Let’s look at some of the important tips that will help you in motivating your learners to adopt eLearning courses.

1. A Well-Defined Learning Goal

If you want to reach and target your learners then you have to define the learning goal of your eLearning courses. A well structured and well-defined learning goal of an online course encourages learners and motivates them to learn. Before the start of your online courses, you can easily present the learning objective of your courses and the topics covered. This will help learners in deciding the right courses according to their needs. If learners will come to know that they are going to learn a particular skill set from a particular course then they will easily switch to that particular course. This way a well-defined learning objective is a key to motivate learners toward your courses.

2. Captivate Learners With Your Courses

If you make your online course unique that can easily grab the attention of the learners then add some level of interactivity to your eLearning courses. A proper combination of texts, colors, images, and videos while designing your eLearning can eradicate the stress of learning and make them feel comfortable by reducing cognitive load. During this pandemic situation, the stress of learning can be seen among the learners’ faces clearly. Try to create a more compelling online course so that learners can easily engage with it and at the same time it helps them to be motivated for the learning.

3. Add The Taste Of Social Learning

Today’s learners are more social and spend a lot of time on social networking sites. Therefore, adding the taste of social learning can engage learners with your courses. When learners will be able to learn and discuss various topics on the social sites then it removes the barrier of the learning and allows learners to interact with the learners around the world. Adding a touch of social learning allows learners to like, comment, and share your online courses. Having features of social learning in your eLearning courses helps learners in communicating with other learners and foster better learning along with the active participation of the learners.

4. Add Challenges, Assessments, Quizzes, And Prizes

Keeping learners engaged with your eLearning courses is a difficult task. Therefore, course developers and trainers use various interactivity and gamification methods to engage learners for longer. Today’s learners also love challenges and want to learn through fun and play. Adding various challenges and dividing your courses into levels adds more interactivity to your courses. You can also create an assessment test for your learners so that they can examine the depth of learning. Awarding learners with various prizes, badges, and digital certificates also motivate them to learn more. 


We at WPEducate always interact with the online trainers and course developers. Incorporating these ideas into your eLearning courses can motivate learners to participate and learn better. Our Learning Management System (LMS) easily adds these types of features in your courses and motivates learners to learn more.

How eLearning Apps Are Transforming The Training Of Learners

In the last few years, Mobile apps have created a buzz in the eLearning industry.

Today, a majority of learners prefer to access their eLearning courses through the mobile device.

eLearning mobile apps are the third most downloaded applications on mobile devices.

In this article, we will discuss how eLearning apps are transforming the training of the learners as well as the eLearning industry.

How eLearning Apps Are Transforming Training

With the advancement in the technologies and the rise of digitization, we have seen a lot of changes in the eLearning industry. eLearning app is making it increasingly intuitive among the learners to access their training courses on-the-go 24/7.

Today’s learners want to access their courses and other content anytime and anyplace. eLearning apps provide access to unlimited courses and training in a click. That’s why learners of all ages are being attracted to the eLearning apps to learn and acquire information despite any obstacle.

Let’s discuss the various aspects of eLearning apps that are transforming the training of the learners.

Delivers Step-By-Step Learning

Delivering your training courses using eLearning apps helps you in the systematic training of the learners. Like traditional ILT training, eLearning apps follow specific styles of training that are characterized by schedule and course structure. Systematic training maintains the interest of the learners and keeps them engaged.

eLearning apps easily deliver your training courses and divide them into levels so that they can reduce the cognitive load of the learners. It arranges the training and focuses on specific topics so that learners can easily follow. Thus, it makes the learning deliberate and engaging.

Adds Interactivity To Your Training

eLearning apps are the best to make your training fun, interesting and engaging. It allows you to add various interactive elements like- images, videos, graphics, visuals, and games to make your training more engaging. Many eLearning apps use AR and VR to make the training visually compelling and upgrade the experience.

Including different sorts of games, puzzles, and videos in your training courses makes the training more interesting. Adding these types of interactivity in your training courses makes your courses more compelling and attracts more learners.

Easy Uploads Of Projects And Assignments

eLearning apps not only deliver instant training but it also allows you to create test assessment of the learners like the traditional test, projects, and assignments. Within the app, you can easily upload homework and assignments for the learners. The test and assignment include formats like- long-answer, short-answer, multiple-choice questions, match the following, etc.

This creates a strong relationship between the online trainer and learners. You can also provide a manual evaluation of assignments with grades and remarks to the learners.

Increase Engagement And Learning Experience

The most important factor to make your eLearning successful is to increase the engagement and learning experience of the learners. eLearning apps offer the right training by adding various interactive elements and gamification nugget that easily attracts the attention of the learners.

eLearning apps are designed to make learning interesting and its easy-to-use interface makes the learning experience more compelling and comfortable. This helps the learners in accessing the courses easily and provides an immersive learning experience.

Reduced Costs Of Training

Besides all the advantages, eLearning apps are widely used due to their low cost. It has been effective in reducing the overall cost of delivering the training courses to the learners. An eLearning app provides an immersive learning experience as well as engages the learners.

eLearning apps can be easily installed and updated regularly so that it frees you from searching for any additional software. Once choosing an eLearning app for your organization makes your training successful.

5 Ways Personalized courses Increase Retention Of Learners

Do you want to increase the retention of learners?

Adopting a personalized learning approach for the training of your learner is an effective way to increase the retention of learners.

Personalized learning helps you in meeting the demands of the learners uniquely.

In this article, we at WPEducate will learn the 5 amazing tips for the retention of learners using personalized learning. 

Increase Retention Of Learners With Personalized Learning

eLearning courses are the major aspect of the training of the learners these days. Even corporations are using eLearning courses for the training of the learners. Many learners are not comfortable in learning through the eLearning courses and thus their engagement and retention rate are very poor.

The disengagement rate of today’s learners is very high as they want something new that is specially designed for them. Adding personalization to your eLearning for such learners helps you in retaining them as well as increases their engagement rate.

Personalized Courses Makes Learning Flexible

Many learners use eLearning to add extra skills besides their regular traditional Instructor-Led Training classroom courses. Adding personalization to your eLearning courses removes barriers for the training of the learners and provides flexibility in accessing courses. 

Delivering personalized eLearning courses to the learners makes it easier for the employees to access training courses. It increases their engagement as the learners can learn anytime and from anywhere.

Adds Interactivity To Your Courses

Personalizing your courses is a great way to add interactivity to your eLearning courses. Retention of Learners wants to learn through the courses that are easy to understand and remember. Providing interactive simulation learning experience with your eLearning increases the engagement of the learners.

Personalizing your courses means adding several features for the learners like- gamification, social media interaction and sharing, images, videos, etc. This makes your courses more interactive and compelling. Thus, personalized courses add interactivity to your eLearning courses.

Fulfills Specific Needs And Preferences Of Learners

Different learners have their own preferences and needs while learning through your eLearning courses. Some learners may learn through reading and practices while some can learn and remember through the video courses. Adding personalized courses to your eLearning can help you in tailoring specific preferences and needs of the learners.

Delivering personalized learning courses to your learners helps you in fulfilling their needs and learning goals of the learners. It increases the time-to-competency rate of the courses while boosting the learner’s confidence and productivity.

Customize Learning Path For The Learners

Learning through online courses provides unlimited access to information. Learners easily lose their interest and disengaged while learning as they only value the most relevant information and feel that the course is irrelevant to them.

Adding personalized courses to your eLearning courses removes excess content and information and provides a customized learning path for individual learners. This helps the learners to learn while engaging with the courses and helps them in staying focus.

Personalized Courses Offers Great Learning Experience

Personalized eLearning courses allow you to create customized paths for each individual user. Learning through personalized courses helps the learners to cover each and every topic to complete the course. This helps the learners actively participate in the learning process. 

Learners feel more connected with your personalized courses and are less likely to leave in the middle. Therefore, personalized courses boost engagement and improve the retention of learners.


Designing personalized courses for your learners is a great way to improve the retention of your learners. Meeting the unique needs of the learners by providing interactive courses makes them more engaged and they keep coming back for more. WPLMS Learning Management System helps you in creating personalized courses and easily delivers it to the retention of learners.

5 Innovative eLearning Design Tips To Engage Your Learners

eLearning Design means creating a well-crafted eLearning courses for your learners.

Now, learners are relying more on online learning and with the increase in the number of learners, many course developers and instructors want to attract learners through their innovative and engaging courses.

In this article, we at WPEducate will discuss the five innovative design tips that will help you in creating effective eLearning without having any formal training.

1. Keep It Short And Simple

Gone are the days when learners used to learn through the long plain text courses. Today is the age of microlearning and modern learners like to learn through the short and small-sized chunked courses. As learners are busy in other activities and due to less time they want the shorter duration of courses.

Keeping this in mind, it will be helpful to design your eLearning courses in a simple pattern that is easy to use and navigate. A shorter duration course of 30-minute is enough to deliver training at once. This will help them in getting attention and increase their ability to absorb the information.

2. Use Attractive And Meaningful Images

It is truly said that images speak louder than words. Using meaningful images that easily relate to the meaning of your eLearning courses makes your courses more attractive. It gives a more professional look to your courses.

Images in an eLearning course are used to create a necessary emotional impact on the learners. With little design experience, you can use the right images to support your main content. Using powerful images can increase engagement and help them in retaining better.

3. Make It Real With Characters And Avatars

To make your eLearning interactive and interesting for the learners, you have to relate it with the real-life character and comics avatars. This will help the learners in engaging with the courses with fun and interest in learning.

Use real-world scenarios and characters whenever possible because it solely depends on the type of courses and how they will be perceived by the learners. Thus, it will be important to underestimate the type of eLearning courses and whether indulging it with real character and avatars suits or not. 

4. Maintain Visuals And White Space

While designing your eLearning courses, it is important to focus on maintaining the visuals of the pages. While delivering your online courses to various platforms, it is very important to maintain a clear vision for images, color, and fonts. 

Following standard colors and maintaining the white spaces helps learners in determining what is important and what is not. Giving an insight into these little things makes your eLearning courses more compelling and attractive.

5. Define Your Courses With Colours

Colour plays an important role in designing your eLearning courses. Many course developers often make mistakes while choosing the right color and this led to the mismatch of themes and patterns. This makes it difficult for the learners to adjust themselves and they end up losing their focus.

It is always recommended to use a light color or most preferably white background for your courses. You can use dark colors for the text. Don’t use more different colors because it can reduce the simplicity of your courses and can make it appealing for the learners.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have come across the eLearning design tips. So, to engage more and more learners, you can easily implement these design tips in your eLearning courses to bring out the maximum possibilities. We at WPEducate try our best to provide the maximum attention it deserves to provide it to the learners.

How To Find Responsive LMS For Your Organization

Are you looking for a responsive LMS for your organization?

A responsive LMS helps you in training the employees and leads to the overall growth of your organization.

Finding a responsive LMS for your organization is not so hard as it seems to look like. 

In this article, WPEducate will help you in finding a responsive LMS for your organization.

Responsive LMS For Your Organization

It’s hard to find the right LMS for your organization with so many options available in the market. A responsive LMS helps you in training your employees and allows you to retain the top talent in the organization by enhancing their skills and techniques. 

Thus, a responsive LMS is the key for the smooth function and operations of the organization.

Let’s dive in to see in detail the various parameters that play an important role in determining the right LMS for your organization.

Choose From The List Of Top 10 LMS

There are many websites and pages that allow you to consider the top LMS from their list. It consists of several features and some experience of the customer that can easily bind you to choose the best from the top performer. 

But determining an LMS from the list can make us fool because sometimes they don’t use honest ratings and reviews of the LMS vendors. They make their way to the list because they have sponsored or paid to make a way in the list of top LMS. so it becomes important to verify their site and other factors before considering an LMS for your organization.

Review Through Online Directories

Online directories are free to use and consist of several data about an LMS. It can help you in determining the various aspects of an LMS. it includes essential information like- features, pricing, performance, use cases, and the method of deployment. 

Reviewing through the online directories means determining the company’s background and how they meet with the expectation of their customers. Using an online directory, you can also compare different LMS and can understand the evaluation of the overall LMS selection process.

Consider User Ratings And Reviews

While considering a responsive LMS for your organization, having a look at users’ ratings and online reviews based on personal opinion helps you in determining the performance of an LMS. Gathering valuable information from online reviews allows you to consider the best LMS for your team.

User review shows the level of experience of a particular person from the LMS and their support. The trick here is to go through the positive and negative lines and determine whether it aligns with your organization needs and expectations.

Choose From Your Budget

Based on all the above factors, it is important to choose the perfect LMS that easily fits in your budget. To determine which is right for your organization and how much you really want to spend for a responsive LMS helps you in choosing the best from considering all the parameters.

Consider your budget on the basis of the size of your team and the need of your organization. Don’t settle for less or simple LMS because in future your team is going to expand and their needs will also increase for the proper growth of your organization.


LMS, and all things eLearning, instead of a generalized site that covers multiple niches. Thus, their listings cover all the basics you need to make a well-informed buying decision.