Why You Should Adopt VILT Approach For Continuous Training

Workforce Development

Do you want to deliver continuous training to your learners?

Now, reach widely dispersed learners efficiently with cost-effective training.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a training approach that allows L&D developers and trainers to provide training by simulating traditional classroom training.

In this article, we will discuss why you should adopt the VILT approach and how it overcomes the challenges of providing continuous training.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training For Continuous Training

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is the most trending and preferred training approach in today’s eLearning or online training environment. It allows two-way communication and includes all three phases of learning presentation, application, and feedback.

When the pandemic of COVID-19 was hitting hard then it also affected our education sector. Many schools, colleges, and universities offer online learning for learners. In most of these training, VILT was the most used training strategy among them. The primary purpose of this was to facilitate synchronous learning and to create a learning experience similar to the traditional classroom.

VILT Enrich Learning Experience

Virtual instructor-led training session whether performed live or recorded delivers the experience of face-to-face learning. We learners learn through the interaction, tone and context of the information of the trainers then it creates a high learning environment among them. Many L&D professionals and trainers deliver microlearning or short instructor-led training sessions to engage the learners to enrich the learning experience of the learners. 

Meets Learners Pace Of Learning

Every learner has their own pace of learning. Some grasp things faster while some learners need time to learn the same topic. Learning through virtual instructor-led training courses allows learners to view and review the training content at their own pace. Thus, VILT sessions improve the learning through better accessibility of the training like- repeating facts, figures, theories, principles, frameworks, and models.

VILT Empowers Microlearning Training

It is predicted that more trainers as well as corporate organizations will adapt to the microlearning-based training for the learners or employees. Having a virtual instructor-led microlearning training session allows learners to access a combination of short, pre-recorded videos by well-spoken experts, or well-written online content for a quick learning session in a shorter time.

Better Engagement And Retention Rate  

Instructor-led training always promotes a better engagement rate as well as retention rate of the learners. Similar to this virtual training also delivers the same through visuals, graphics, and videos and creates a comprehensive learning environment among the learners. Instructor-led training easily engages the learners as they can ask questions or concentrate on more technical details, complex concepts, or question-and-answer sessions for a better engagement and retention rate.

Reduced Cost Of Training

Virtual training is always cost-effective for the trainers as well as for the learners. Virtual training completely reduces the cost of traveling and lodging and also lowers other expenses. While for learners, virtual training can be accessed whenever and wherever they like – whether they are at home, in the office, or on their mobile devices.

VILT- Vision Of The Future

The eLearning industry is on the rise and experts are implementing various technologies like- AI and AR to make the learning more engaging and elaborative for the learners. Virtual instructor-led training sessions are becoming a popular training approach among the industry experts to provide effective and continuous learning to the learners.

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