WordPress LMS For Web & Mobile

Are you looking for an all-in-one LMS platform for web and mobile?

WPLMS is an all-in-one Learning management system that is built to use on all frameworks.

We at WPLMS proudly present the benefits of technology to you in the field of Education.

In this article, we will learn about WPLMS and why it will be the best fit for your eLearning business.

WPLMS: Easy Learning Management

WPLMS Learning management system is the most trusted and popular LMS for WordPress in the market. Many organizations have adopted it for their organizational needs while many of them are growing their eLearning business. It is very easy to use as it is built especially for non-technical instructors. Easy course creation platform allows you to drag and drop a file to create new courses in the LMS.

With easy to create courses, there are lots of things that help you in easy learning management. Create a student’s profile and assign students to courses, quizzes, modules, and auto-evaluate students assignments with remarks. Manage your students and track all activities of learners from the last login to time spent on courses and see activity graphs.

Features Of WPLMS Learning Management System

One App Framework

Built on PWA technology, the WPLMS Learning management system is a website that works like an app, feels like an app, installs like an app, and works with or without the internet. Progressive web apps are the future of the web as it holds one app framework. Developed with one codebase once and can be used on all frameworks like- Android, iOS, Windows & Mac.

Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Whether your students like to study on a desktop, or a tablet, or even a mobile phone. The WPLMS learning platform provides a consistent user experience across the devices. Learners can easily access the content over any device and it easily adapts to the screen size of the devices. You do not need to write a single line of code to achieve this and it syncs on all devices at all times. WPLMS Learning management system adapts according to the user’s device. 

Inbuilt Gamification

Gamification in eLearning is the need of modern learners. It makes your eLearning courses more enjoyable and fun while improving the retention rates of the learners. WPLMS Learning management system comes with an inbuilt gamification module that includes modes like- Points, Levels, Badges, Bots, Animation, Realtime Contests, Leaderboards, and more. Create gamification courses right from the LMS to engage your students.

Video Conferencing & Online Classes

Today almost all educational institutions like- schools and colleges are providing online classes to the learners. It has become an essential part of learning. WPLMS is packed with online classes and a video conferencing system. You can deliver online classes and create video conferencing with the learners using premium video conferencing tools like- Zoom, BigBlueButton, Jitsi, Google meet, BigBlueButton, Microsoft meet, etc.  Easily add video conferencing time in curriculum & enable recordings.

Activity Tracking Of The Learners

Keeping an eye on the learners helps you in delivering better learning to the learners. WPLMS comes with an in-built activity tracker that allows you to track all the activity of the learners from the last login to time spent on courses right from the LMS. Everything is tracked via an activity module xAPI statements and SCORM progress reports. It generates custom reports of the learners with the detailed course, quiz, and student reports that you can easily download.

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