Personalized Online Courses To Drive Better Performance

Have you ever designed a course for your learners to drive better performance?

Adopting personalized  eLearning is like delivering quality of learning experience to your learners.

We at WPLMS will help you in creating personalized online courses and here you will also learn about the benefits of using it in your online courses.

What Is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning is customization of your online courses to meet specific needs of learners. From the Instructional Design perspective, personalization of online courses offers better understanding and learning experience than traditional eLearning.

Personalization of eLearning courses empowers your learners in selecting the right learning path, how they want to learn, what they want to learn, and how will they manage their time. Being more focused towards learning they get exactly what they needed from your online courses.

Methods To Create Personalized Learning

  • You can create personalized online courses by adding customization elements like backgrounds, themes, fonts, quizzes, badges, questions and certificates to make your courses more attractive.
  • Another way to create personalized online courses is by customizing the format of content delivery system, degrees of interactions, and using audio or video in your online course to make it more suitable for the varied learning styles of the learners.
  • You can personalize your online courses by customizing pre-assessment or survey. By this way you can provide a specific learning path level for each learner.

Why You Should Use Personalized Learning?

While eLearning or mLearning has many advantages and attract a wider audience, many learners did not consider online courses as they have differences on way of learning styles, expertise and their involvement while learning your online courses.

Adopting personalized learning in your online courses makes your courses “Learners Centric” training that empowers learners and provides a better learning experience for each learner. 

It allows them to select the learning path based on their interests, their existing knowledge, and their needs.

Personalized learning improves learners engagement with your courses and it increases your course completion rates.

Key Benefits Of Personalized Learning

As we already know that eLearning and mLearning has became an integral part of today’s learners for their training. Many learners are attracted toward this type of learning as it offers flexibility, learners are able to track progress effectively, on-the-go training on their devices and and interacts with the other learners.

Personalized Learning enable their learners with various benefits

  • Learners can set their own goals.
  • Learners can set manageable milestones.
  • They can select their own learning path.
  • Your online should be compatible with any device so they can select their device.
  • They can select the level of interaction levels which is relevant for them.
  • They are provided with personalized feedback and to assess their progress.


I hope personalizing your online courses can drive learners performance and increases your course completion rates. We at WPLMS provides more immersive and meaningful LMS and various personalizing elements for your online courses through which you can provide a better learning experience to the learners.

Generating New Ideas For A Profitable Online Courses

Most creators who launch an online course are not happy with the outcomes and reviews from the learners.

This happens because the course creator did not find the right idea or created their course without doing any research.

So are you ready to figure out the best ideas for your online courses? Let’s get started!

Start With Your Expertise

If you are an online course creator and trying to turn your content interesting then lookout from the ideas that have already brainstormed you before starting fresh. You can also learn from an existing offline course or an online course.

Looking at your analytics and find which topic or content are getting the most engagement and traffic of the learners. You can also learn the new videos from the existing online video and implement them with your expertise.

Validating Your Course Ideas

Now it’s time to find out whether it is a kind of idea that will make money. You have a topic you’re passionate about and seems to be useful and helpful for the learners. Learners will pay for a course if your course meets their expectations. 

The more you target your learners and promote your courses, the more learners will be attracted to your courses. Try to make an assumption about the number of learners who are willing to take your course and what you are charging for your course. This will help you in estimating how profitable your course will be. Identify what’s losing people and correct the course. 

Narrow Down Your Course Ideas

A lot of course creators thinks that narrowing down their idea will eliminate their possibilities of creating a good online course. The more you will refine your idea, the closer you come to complete your online courses.

Narrowing down your own ideas makes your course more specific and it will generate more interest among the learners. All you need is to find one good idea to set your course into a successful online course business.

Refine Your Online Course 

Once you narrow down your course ideas then it’s time to refine your online course creation process. In order to find out if someone has courses on the same topic then try to get how popular are these courses and you can also check their podcasts too.

Put your idea out into this and see what responses you are getting. If you are getting some buzz for your course idea then execute your ideas properly in your course creation process to make it unique and different.


In my opinion, try to go through these steps multiple times to create an award-winning online course. Don’t be discouraged because it takes some time while implementing a good idea. Keeping specific learners in mind, because you can’t make an entire broad happy with your online course. Make sure you have narrowed it down and you’re offering something specific with your online courses.

How To Find A Value For Money LMS

Do you have an online course business? Are you satisfied with your existing Money LMS

Is your LMS helping you in achieving your organizational objectives and delivering a positive user experience?

Here, we will learn about the points that we should consider before considering an LMS for your online course business.

Let’s See How You Can Find A Value For Money LMS

We at WPLMS (Learning Management Systems) has undergone several changes in recent years. We can help you in finding a value for money LMS that will require you to narrow down your needs and evaluate your training objectives.

Conduct Research while Determining Your Goals 

Before purchasing any LMS, it is essential to collect data from your L&D team. Find out what your learners want from the online training experiences and this will help you in avoiding and imposing a platform that falls short of their expectations or misaligns with their skills. 

If possible try to meet up with the existing users who are using the LMS, and take their reviews and experience about the LMS. Include your team members in the research also creates excitement and anticipation among the employees and makes them feel involved in the final buying decision. As a result, they have a more positive attitude and learning goals are attained quickly.

Enlist The Essential Features

Today’s LMS comes with a variety of features which makes it difficult to choose the right LMS for your online course business. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to narrow down the specific features like- images, videos, GIFs, animations, etc. that you need to make your course attractive. 

Considering an LMS which contains all the characteristics that your learners need the most will be great for your online course business. For example, if you learners are most benefited from collaborative learning then choose an LMS that has games and social learning support. 

Determining The Quality Of Support

Before considering any LMS try to find about the quality of support that the LMS service provider offers. A best LMS service provider is always available for you whenever an issue arises. Here are some of the questions that you need to answer before buying an LMS for your online business.

  • Do they provide through the whole set up process?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support?
  • Do they offer support whenever technical problems arise?

By determining the above questions, you can clearly determine how much your team can be benefited from the LMS. Compare the services for each package and choose the best depending on your needs. This ensures that you maximize the functionality of your new LMS without overpaying for support services you don’t actually require.

Determine Your Current Training Strategies

Determining the current online training strategy will help you in pointing out the areas which need to be improved. This will help you in integrating your current online training strategy with the new LMS and this way you can eliminate the various issues. LMS metrics, surveys, and on-the-job evaluations can help you in tuning your online training plan. 

If you are switching from traditional training courses to online training courses then this will help you in identifying the support for your current content when you move it online. Consider the type of LMS with such technologies and software that can support such features. 

Determine Your  Future Training Strategy

A good LMS can benefit you now, but what about in the future? Before considering a new LMS for your online course business, determine your future training strategy and what will the need of tech-savvy learners. Try to find how the learners like to access your courses such as- tablets, mobile devices or PCs. If most of them like to access courses from their smartphones, choose an LMS platform that is mobile friendly and also provides App for smartphones.

Consider an LMS that should have capabilities of seamless integrating with various tools and plugins like- WooCommerce, BuddyPress, etc. This will help you meet your learning objectives and goals. 


Considering these points will help you in choosing a value for money LMS for online course business.  Value for money LMS can help you in fulfilling the learner’s needs, reduces your performance gaps, and helps in achieving your business goals.

Performance Support Tools: Everyone Should Know

Today’s learners expect convenient, quick, and pertinent answers to their workplace questions.

Performance Support Tool is the solution to all the questions. It is necessary to enhance the learner’s skills and knowledge.

Let’s dive in to see the detailed meaning of performance support tools, its key benefits and why should we use it.

What Are Performance Support Tools?

Performance Support Tools are a part of our everyday life as we all learn from different sources whether it is formal or structured training, taking specific help from colleagues, watching others to perform, etc.

Performance Support Tools are learning aids that provide the right information whenever you need it. These tools offer you a piece of targeted information that helps the learners in solidify and enhancing their skills.

A good Performance Support Tool encompasses a variety of learning aids that also provide employees with on-the-job support. Many organizations have a structured approach to support training structured training and Performance Support Tools admirably fit in to fill this gap.

Offering Performance Support Tools

We at WPEducate offers you a variety of performance support tools in various formats. Some of these are:- 

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are an ideal way to provide information on the go. Whenever a learner needs any information then they can access the information anytime from anywhere. 


Gamification in today’s era is the key for the perform better in learning. Adding gamification elements can boost up the motivation for learning, and decreases boredom and unproductiveness. It acts as one way to make your learners work more enjoyable and more productive.

Interactive Videos

Most of the modern learners are more leveraged on the videos. An interactive video offers Performance Support when the learners get stuck. So an interactive video can help them whenever they need help.


If the concept you want to convey is not easy to visualize then using an animated picture can do your work. The Animations is the right thing that you should look for. You can add various background music to make it more effective.


mLearning is a new way of training both for the students and large corporates. It provides all kind of knowledge using handheld devices and portable devices. A lot of content is present online and due to its huge variety, it becomes very easy for learners to access it.

Besides these, there are many more formats through which you can increase the performance of your learners. Many organizations are using these types of performance support tools to enhance on the job learning of the employees. 

Key Benefits of Performance Support Tools

Performance Support Tools enables the learners to learn things in a precise manner. The key benefits of Performance Support Tools are:-

  • It allows the learner to manage their learning ability on their own and also empower their learning ability.
  • Performance Support Tools provide the required information quickly to the learners and saves their time.
  • It helps in faster onboarding of new employees and provide them best practices outside the formal training and enhance their skills.
  • Performance Support Tools are designed to meet specific needs as it is easier to use and apply.
  • It uses a simple application and approach to improve the skills of the employees on the job. 
  • They provide just-in-time updates and provides new features, upgrades, and change management to maintain workflow process.

Why Should You Use It?

Today’s learners are more attracted to working and learning informally. Learners are well versed with the advantage of learning and working simultaneously. Performance Support Tools are a great tool to boost employee performance.

Learners, as well as employees, can perform tasks independently without having any external help.

It saves the time of senior employees and guides less experienced employees.

Employees can complete their quality tasks in a shorter period of time as it helps them in understanding complex tasks easily.


Now, you can easily put a sight on Performance Support Tools and why you can easily use them. Various organizations and corporates are using it to enhance on the job learning strategy for their employees. It acts as an advantage tool to transform the learning experiences. 

Why We Need To Move Beyond Traditional eLearning

Traditional eLearning means those horrible PDFs, old text-heavy, boring stuff, dry information, etc. that are branded as eLearning courses. 

A lot of online course creators have probably come across it at some point as it provides an extremely dull experience to the learners and has awful stock imagery or even none at all. 

Today, we will learn the different reasons why traditional eLearning needs an overhaul to go through from being unbelievably boring.

Uninvolvement Of The Learners

A good and interactive eLearning courses help you in learning by involving, engaging and grabbing your attention throughout the courses. While a traditional eLearning course have nothing to offer and make your experience dull, boring and equally overwhelmed while taking eLearning courses. 

The difference is very similar as you can notice that a learner can easily understand and learn with the teachers whose attention is solely on the students. So try to make your eLearning courses interactive, engaging and full of fun to attract their attention.

Lack Of Evaluation

Many course creators still use traditional methods to create their online courses and take more time in completing their courses. They do not give attention towards evaluating the effectiveness and success of the online courses.

These traditional eLearning courses might not be able to successfully communicate few facts throughout the courses and the majority of information does not provide a long-lasting effects on the learners.

Poor Retention Rates

As an online course creator if you are still providing this type of traditional eLearning courses then you are lacking behind and failing to overcome a huge pitfall of the learning process. This creates a poor retention rate of your eLearning courses among the learners.

Traditional eLearning courses offer nothing but a boring and dull exercise, which once it is over and forgotten by the learners. This type of eLearning course will reduce your popularity and leads to downfall your online course market.

Unresponsive And Inflexible

Traditional eLearning courses are unresponsive and inflexible to the learners and nobody wants to be restricted in completing eLearning courses solely on a desktop or laptop.

Today we live in the digital world where everything is at our fingertips, and more learners are taking eLearning courses on-the-go to save their time and resources. So your eLearning courses need to be easily accessible anywhere on any device.

Non-interactive and Non-engaging

In an attempt to add some interactivity features to the eLearning courses some course providers only add “previous” and “next” buttons to their eLearning courses and then claim that their courses are interactive. But clicking through pages of text makes your learners tedious and boring very quickly.  

Now-a-days learners are more prone to be distracted by their phones. So try to make your eLearning courses engaging and interactive. This will keep your learners on their toes and will also stop them from becoming easily distracted.


Not all eLearning courses is equal and we all need to stop creating traditional eLearning courses because this type of approach doesn’t work anymore in the fast phase of technology. You should create an eLearning course that has genuine meaning, easily accessible and should engage the learners.

Tips For Better Online Course Management

If you are an online course creator and unable to manage your online courses. 

To effectively manage your online courses, you must choose your battles. 

Your time is limited, so invest your actions that will pay off. This means to reduce the time you put into low-value work, and increase the time that you put into high-value work. 

Today, we will the different ways through which you can manage your online courses as well as accomplish better completion rates for your online courses.

Use A Learning Management System

Using a suitable LMS will help you in completing your online courses quickly. LMS like WPLMS provides drag and drop features in which you have to drag your course content and videos and your website is ready. Using an LMS will give learners immediate feedback, automatic grading and provides multiple-choice quizzes and other gamification factors by reducing your time.

Instead of trying to monitor how your learners are progressing through your course, choose an automation system like WPLMS which can track the progress of every student. It also sends them reminders if they did not sign up for taking the courses and only notifies you when it requires your attention.

Encourage Learners To Help Each Other

You should try to encourage your students to work together and create a learning environment for them. Build a community where students can support, motivate, ask questions and encourage each other when they struggle with the course materials.

You should also allow yourself to take part in this because it will encourage students as well. Participating in your forum or community discussions will save your time in solving the queries of the students and will save the energy and the effort.

Use Your Course Contents For Marketing

Creating content for your online courses takes a lot of time. Many online course creators feel that they have very less time to create an extra content for marketing purposes. Most of your course content can be used in online marketing and if have videos in your courses then you have created enough material to market your new course. 

you can take some videos and course content to share on social media, or repackage the first lesson as a downloadable PDF to attract more learners toward your courses.

Define Short-Term Goals For Your Courses

There should be always a long-term goal to keep us going but defining short-term goals can help in completing your courses quickly. It will also help you in assessing both the daily tasks and the order in which you need to complete your online courses. 

Short-term objectives are like the building blocks that will help you in  recognizing any kind of obstacles that comes in your way while completing your online courses.

Create A Help Section For your Courses

After finishing your online course, the students will try to reach to you for the questions and queries related to your course and this will consume your time and you will not be able to complete your next online course on time. 

So to deal with the learners when they need help with the course, create a help section for your course from where students can find information on their own. Create a syllabus with the most important course information, and post it in the help section after finishing your course so that students can find it.


As per my views, these tips will surely help you in managing your online courses. The more you will manage your online courses, the faster you can achieve the completion rate of your online courses. This will not only cut down your stress but will also help you in bringing in more students.