3 Reasons Why WPLMS Is Better For Teaching Coding Classes with Zoom

As the pandemic continues, teachers, online trainers, and instructors are continuing online classes on the Zoom platform.

Many online trainers and instructors are still using Zoom to teach coding classes to their students.

Adoption of the Zoom platform to host coding classes does not work for coding along with screen sharing.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 important reasons that will help you in deciding why WPLMS is a better platform for hosting online coding classes with Zoom. 

WPLMS For Scheduling Online Coding Classes

WPLMS is the world’s first Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows online trainers and instructors to schedule regular online classes along with the coding classes.

Zoom video platform allows sharing screen and live video conferencing with the students. But the question is how students will do coding labs along with video conferencing and screen sharing?

WPLMS LMS comes with an integrated Zoom video conferencing system that allows you to teach and interact with the learners in real-time. We have collaborated with Sphere engine to create an online code teaching platform that automatically evaluates codes without any manual intervention.

WPLMS Sphere Engine enables online tutors and trainers to create coding classes for the learners along with the CMS to create programming challenges and dedicated communication channels for the learners. You can easily provide coding classes along with video conferencing in real-time.

Oriented Coding Session With Video Conferencing Session 

An effective coding training for the learners requires the guidance of the trainers and coaches during the practice. Zoom video conferencing platform only allows online trainers and teachers to broadcast live classes and share their screens but limits the need to easily access student codes during lab sessions. While WPLMS Sphere Engine platform allows you to teach coding in a detail-oriented and focused manner. It helps you in correcting the details and syntax errors in their codes while being on the video conference.

If you combine both SphereEngine and Zoom you get the best experience for your users. this is perfectly possible in WPLMS.

Compile Code Within WPLMS Sphere Engine

It is not possible for the online trainers and the teachers to provide an insight into coding errors encountered by students by directly looking at their screens. That’s why teaching coding over Zoom can be an overwhelming issue. WPLMS learning management system allows you to demonstrate coding concepts easily while presenting a video lecture and students can easily compile their codes within the LMS. WPLMS Sphere Engine RESTful API provides you with the Compilers which enables learners to run code online.

Better User Interface And Learning Experience

It seems to be really frustrating for online teachers/trainers as well as the students when their coding screen-share looks blurry and lags when sharing screens and running code. Zoom video conferencing platform requires higher internet bandwidth while WPLMS LMS and video conferencing is well optimized for the low bandwidth. WPLMS has a simple and user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed regardless of slow internet connectivity. Thus, engaging the students doesn’t become crucial for the online trainers.


I hope this article illustrates that the Zoom video conferencing platform is just not built for teaching coding classes. Computer science and coding classes have a high learning curve, so you need an all-in-one platform for the training of the learners. WPLMS LMS with Sphere Engine makes the training compelling and easy for the learners. Our unique dashboard enables you to see all your students’ code, answer their questions, and take control of the training in real-time.

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