Features To Look For While Considering Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile learning is a training method that is used to train learners, remote employees, or in combination with traditional training.

Mobile learning apps offer more flexibility in learning but not all apps are created to offer the same.

In this article, we will see the various features that you can look for while considering a mobile app for your eLearning business.

Features To Consider For Mobile Learning Apps

Everyone loves the convenience that a smart device and its compatible apps offer whether it is shopping, ordering food, booking a taxi, online learning, playing games, etc. we are all addicted to smartphones and the conveniences offered by mobile learning apps.

If you are looking for a standalone mobile learning app for delivering your eLearning or training courses to the learners, remote employees then with the right mobile app, you can easily deliver your training courses to your learners. Mobile learning apps easily engage the learners and delivers your training courses to learners who want to learn at their own pace.

Better Navigation And Responsive Design 

The first thing to consider while considering a learning app is its navigation and responsive design. These two factors will help you in engaging users whenever they visit or access or mobile app. Better navigation helps the users to access the app easily while a responsive design offers them a better user experience. Mobile learning apps with great user-experience allow learners to go through the courses with a few clicks.

Multi-Device/Platform Support 

To deliver your training courses to the learners at a global level, your learning app should be compatible with all types of devices irrespective of their operating system like- Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Considering the factor of compatibility and availability of the app across the various platforms will help you in expanding your reach to the global level.

Multimedia Content Support

After considering the compatibility of the device/platform support, it’s time to look for the types of multimedia content that it supports. Look for the various types of file support like- video, audio, flashcards, GIFs, images, etc. that a mobile learning app offers. If your learning app supports all types of content then it will help you in explaining your courses by adding various multimedia contents to it to achieve higher engagement levels and better learning outcomes.

Inbuilt Chat/Messenger 

Learners learn better when they interact with other learners. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider mobile learning apps that offer you inbuilt chat/messenger. Having an inbuilt will reduce your working load and helps learners in sharing their opinions and views with others while discussing the topics or solving the questions. This will also help the fellow trainers to provide some extra instruction and skill while training the learners.

Offline Mode Learning

Getting goosebumps? Yes, you can deliver your courses and training anytime, anywhere even in the offline mode to the learners. Consider a PWA-powered learning app or built on the latest technology to offer the training in offline mode or without an internet connection. In these types of apps, mobile learning apps easily load the content, and learners can download the content and can access it later even without an internet connection. Thus, it offers learning without interruptions and delays.

Tracks Learner’s Performance

If you are looking for an eLearning app that can track the performance of your learners then consider an app that offers you features like “Analytics and Statics”. This will help you in tracking the performance of each student who is enrolled in your courses. Other than this, it also tracks their engagement rate, time spent, test performance, etc. This will also help you in determining the quality of your training.

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