Mobile Learning Courses: How To Deliver It To Your Learners

mobile learning

Mobile devices have impacted the way through which we live, work and access information. 

With the advancement in technology, you don’t have to wait to deliver your online training courses.

Mobile learning courses allow learners to access online training courses on their mobile devices on-the-go at their convenience.

At WPEducate you will discuss several ways to deliver your mobile learning courses to the learners.

Ways To Deliver Your Online Courses

Mobile learning courses are attracting more learners toward it and it is increasing its reach to almost every learner. With the rise in the number of mobile learners, many course developers are using different ways to deliver their online courses on mobile devices.

While delivering mobile learning courses, you have to focus on responsive design and ease while accessing your courses. Delivering your mobile learning courses with different strategies can make business more successful. 

Let’s dive in, to explore the different ways of delivering your mobile learning courses.

Using Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile apps are the best way to deliver online courses. It allows learners to access your courses on any device. Mobile apps promote Just-In-Time training by offering your courses offline to the learners. A learner can easily switch from one device to another access to various contents like- documents, videos, audios, animations, etc.

Delivering your mobile learning courses through mobile apps provides ease in accessing your courses on-the-go. It makes your content easily available for the learners and they can access it anytime and anywhere.

Using Mobile Compatible Website

Many online course developers are using mobile compatible websites to deliver their mobile learning courses. It saves their time and resources as they don’t have to create multiple versions of the learning courses for each device.

Mobile compatible websites are developed using HTML5 and are compatible with all devices and browsers. These mobile websites run smoothly across all devices of Android and iOS platforms. Thus, learners can access your mobile courses on all kinds of browsers. 

Using Online Videos

Today’s learners are more attracted to online videos. Online videos can be easily accessed by the learners and they engage for longer periods of time with them. Thus online videos are the best way to deliver your mobile learning courses.

Online videos provide meaningful information in a shorter period of time rather than documents, text, and animation. Mobile learning videos help your learners in retaining the knowledge of learners for a longer period.

Using Gamification

Adding gamification factor in your online courses makes your online courses more successful. You can easily deliver your mobile learning courses using the gamification factor in your courses. Mobile optimize games can be easily accessible on any device.

Game-based learning courses increase the engagement time of the learners with your courses. Thus game-based mobile courses help learners to learn more bypassing several levels and to obtain the maximum score. Thus it can increase the productivity level of the learners.


I hope this article will help you in delivering your mobile learning courses. Using different-different strategies can make your mobile courses more successful. You can create a survey to know what your learners want and considering their feedback and suggestions can help in delivering a more engaging course. 

We at WPLMS LMS provide you a better solution to deliver your online mobile courses. WPLMS integrated mobile learning app helps your learners to access your courses on-the-go.


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