Pros And Cons Of Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

We are all aware of mobile learning and its increasing popularity among new-age learners.

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the demand for mobile learning has been drastically increased.

Everything has two faces, similar to that mobile learning also has benefits and cons on the other hand.

In case you’re interested in developing mobile-friendly training content then knowing its pros and cons will help you in overcoming challenges.

What Is Mobile Learning?

In the past few years, mobile learning or mLearning has become popular and is being used extensively for training learners. In today’s fast pace of mobile technology, this learning is a way to provide online training and a variety of content online on their mobile devices.

Mobile learning or mLearning enables learners to access and learn any type of courses, knowledge, and skills anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. That’s why many corporate employees and learners now prefer this learning to learn new skills and courses.

Pros Of Mobile Learning

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The popularity of mobile learning is due to anytime, anywhere access to training courses. It allows learners to access the same content or courses at different times from anywhere in the world using their smartphone. This way it has reduced the distance between a learner and trainer.

Add Interactivity To Your Courses

Mobile learning uses various interactive elements like- images, videos, and graphics to make your eLearning interactive. It also converts your courses into scenario-based learning using gamification, puzzles, and special characters to make it more compelling and interesting for the learners. 

Increase Engagement Rate Of The Learners

Mobile learning is well known for its higher engagement rate. Its short duration courses and training videos deliver the exact information in a shorter duration that increases the engagement of the learners. Apart from this, it uses various interactivity like- quizzes, puzzles, and multiple-choice questions to engage the learners for longer.

Increase Course Completion Rate

One of the most important benefits of this learning for trainers is that it increases course completion rates by engaging learners. With the flexibility in learning, learners can access the training anytime from anywhere using their mobile devices. Thus, mobile learning enables learners to achieve successful course completion.

Cons Of Mobile Learning

Data Privacy And Security

Data privacy and security in this learning is an important concern to consider. On mobile devices, your valuable data and information can be easily stolen by the pirated eyes as they tend to expose sensitive information and your courses with the other apps and devices.

Compatibility Of Courses

Another problem that we usually encounter with mobile learning is the compatibility of the courses on different devices. It is always noticed that eLearning courses and contents don’t work on mobile devices properly. Many eLearning apps also face compatibility issues on different devices.

Distraction Of Learners

Mobile devices create a lot of distraction among learners. Many learners open mobile devices to learn something and end up using social media websites, sharing pictures, or playing video games. This way, it can distract learners and reduces their learning attention and interest. 

Mobile Devices Can Cause Pain

Accessing training courses on the small sizes of the devices can cause damage to the eyesight. Continuous reading of the text and accessing the videos on the bright screen can cause headaches. Therefore, try to make your mobile learning courses short and reduce viewing time.


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