Tips To Motivate Learners During COVID-19 Pandemic

motivate learners during COVID-19

Motivate learners during COVID-19 pandemic is tough challenge among the course developers and trainers.

We are all facing difficulty in living a normal life as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all hard across the globe.

Teaching and learning can be quite hard in this pandemic situation.

In this article, I will discuss the various tips that will help you in motivating your learners in this pandemic situation to learn more.

How To Improve Learner’s Motivation During COVID-19

We all are facing the pandemic situation of COVID-19 since the last quarter of 2019. Almost every sector is affected by the spread of coronavirus and our eLearning and education sector is badly affected. Schools and colleges all over the world have shut down entirely to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Schools and colleges are conducting online classes and are switching to the eLearning courses to provide better academic learning to the students. While online learning has become a new trend among the learners and on the other hand, many course developers and online trainers are facing unique challenges to engage and motivate learners to adopt eLearning courses.

Let’s look at some of the important tips that will help you in motivating your learners to adopt eLearning courses.

1. A Well-Defined Learning Goal

If you want to reach and target your learners then you have to define the learning goal of your eLearning courses. A well structured and well-defined learning goal of an online course encourages learners and motivates them to learn. Before the start of your online courses, you can easily present the learning objective of your courses and the topics covered. This will help learners in deciding the right courses according to their needs. If learners will come to know that they are going to learn a particular skill set from a particular course then they will easily switch to that particular course. This way a well-defined learning objective is a key to motivate learners toward your courses.

2. Captivate Learners With Your Courses

If you make your online course unique that can easily grab the attention of the learners then add some level of interactivity to your eLearning courses. A proper combination of texts, colors, images, and videos while designing your eLearning can eradicate the stress of learning and make them feel comfortable by reducing cognitive load. During this pandemic situation, the stress of learning can be seen among the learners’ faces clearly. Try to create a more compelling online course so that learners can easily engage with it and at the same time it helps them to be motivated for the learning.

3. Add The Taste Of Social Learning

Today’s learners are more social and spend a lot of time on social networking sites. Therefore, adding the taste of social learning can engage learners with your courses. When learners will be able to learn and discuss various topics on the social sites then it removes the barrier of the learning and allows learners to interact with the learners around the world. Adding a touch of social learning allows learners to like, comment, and share your online courses. Having features of social learning in your eLearning courses helps learners in communicating with other learners and foster better learning along with the active participation of the learners.

4. Add Challenges, Assessments, Quizzes, And Prizes

Keeping learners engaged with your eLearning courses is a difficult task. Therefore, course developers and trainers use various interactivity and gamification methods to engage learners for longer. Today’s learners also love challenges and want to learn through fun and play. Adding various challenges and dividing your courses into levels adds more interactivity to your courses. You can also create an assessment test for your learners so that they can examine the depth of learning. Awarding learners with various prizes, badges, and digital certificates also motivate them to learn more. 


We at WPEducate always interact with the online trainers and course developers. Incorporating these ideas into your eLearning courses can motivate learners to participate and learn better. Our Learning Management System (LMS) easily adds these types of features in your courses and motivates learners to learn more.

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