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Build a successful Life Coach website including testimonials, events calendar, team members, podcast, videos and e-commerce!

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The perfect Life Coach and Business School WordPress Theme

A complete WordPress Theme for any Life Coach or Business Coach website including all the tools you need.

It’s a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template based on the Material Design guidelines to guarantee the maximum usability and accessibility.

This powerful Life Coaching WordPress Theme features tons of flexible and interactive elements such as slideshow, carousels, testimonial slideshows, podcasts, and much more.


The theme is totally customizable in fonts, structure, layout, colors, logos and more.

With the WordPress customizer you can change the colors easily using the 10 color pickers, and your font choice relies on 600+ Google fonts, assignable to 4 different font pickers for contents, captions, menus and bold texts.

Sidebar and footer are widgetized, plus you can choose between many page options such as sidebar or full width, footer and header background, header transparency, featured image height and more.

Easily upload your logo in footer and header, or leave it blank for a simple website name.

The pages counts 8+ page templates, which you can use to create archives, Visual Composer page, pages with sidebars, contacts page and more.

7 Post Types

This Life Coach WordPress theme has all the tools you need, and you can structure its contents in the best way thanks to specific post types for every need:

1. Events

Add events easily including event date, venue name and directions, external links and unlimited “buy” links. The theme is totally integrated with the events system allowing you to add events slideshows and carousels via shortcode or visual composer to any page.

A beautiful and stylish events widget is also included. All events are automatically ordered by event date, and you can hide or show the past events globally with the Customizer options. Events are also integrated with the bundled plugin QT Places which allows you to create beautiful event maps.

2. Blog

Create beautiful and modern blog posts, with fullscreen headings, galleries, responsive videos and more. The theme will help you easily add related posts and archive carousels, widgets and slideshow, making the navigation smooth and engaging. You can also choose among 3 blog versions:

3. Testimonials

For any Life Coach, Business School or other Coaching professional, testimonials are very important, and we got you covered. With the Life Coach WordPress theme you can add unlimited testimonials and display them in multiple ways, such as:
  • Testimonial slideshow
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Testimonial single page and archive

With the Visual Composer or shortcodes, you can add your testimonial on any page or post, and filter them using the dedicated Testimonial Category.

4. Podcast

Lots of professional Life Coaches offers regular podcasts to their students, as are the most loved format to follow their weekly teachings. The Life Coach WordPress Theme provides a dedicated Podcast post type, allowing you to add unlimited podcasts to a dedicated Podcast Filter Category. You can display podcasts on dedicated Podcast archives and Podcast Category archives, but also create beautiful Podcast Carousels filterable by podcast category. Using the Carousel shortcode you can easily add podcasts to any page, and you can, for example, connect the podcasts from a specific category to the page of a Team Member (example).

You can add as podcast any type of format:

  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Mixcloud
  • MP3

5. Videos

A custom Video Post type, created by the Videolove plugin bundled with the “Life Coach WordPress Theme”, allows you to create beautiful Video galleries, filterable by the dedicated Video Category taxonomy.

You can add videos on any page using the related shortcode or Visual Composer element, and customize its appearance with specific options.

6. Team members

Unlimited team member with dedicated categories, to beautifully display all the group of experts working with your team. You can display team members with a dedicated team archive page, category page or beautiful dedicated member template page.

7. Sponsors

Add unlimited sponsors and display them on any page with the relative shortcode. You can link each sponsor to a custom link or just point to a specific internal page.

8. Places

With the bundled “QT Places” plugin you can add map capabilities to any post type, and create beautiful maps of locations, events and more.

18 Custom Shortcodes

Totally integrated with Visual Composer, to create beautiful pages in few minutes.

  1. Video Gallery: filterable video gallery
  2. Buttons: styled with the theme design, with custom size, color, link and position
  3. Post carousel: custom Carousel for any post type, filterable by taxonomy with a custom amount of items
  4. Caption large: H1 styled caption for big headings
  5. Caption medium: a stylish H3 caption with subtitle
  6. Caption small: a cool separation caption
  7. Caption squares: a special design to highlight some special content
  8. Spacer: Choose among 3 spacer sizes, to add responsive vertical spacings
  9. Featured event: displays a custom event or the next upconing event, with optional featured image and countdown
  10. Featured list: custom bullet list with dedicated caption, link and subtitles
  11. Hero box: create custom supersized headings for special introductions
  12. Hero list: custom bullet list with special headings
  13. Post hero: display a custom post or a single post, or a series of posts by category, with a special bold design
  14. Post Grid: a special post grid with minimal design and custom amount of items
  15. Slideshow: animated automatic slideshow of posts, members or podcasts, filterable by category
  16. Testimonial Slideshow: custom slideshow to beautifully display testimonials, filterable by testimonial category
  17. Events Slideshow: special slideshow for events, with custom button, events date and featured image
  18. Sponsots carousel: display a sliding carousel of sponsor in a responsive way

View all the shortcode demos

Super customizable

Easily customize the Life Coach WordPress Theme with the default WordPress customizer, and see the changes in real time before saving.

Available customizations

  1. Colors: 10 color pickers
  2. Fonts: 4 font pickers with 600 Google Fonts options
  3. Custom logo
  4. Menu transparency
  5. Header height and default background
  6. Optional “Search” button
  7. Custom 404 error page background
  8. Sidebar customization: enable/disable the sidebar for any post type single page
  9. Social networks: 25 Social Icons
  10. Custom footer text
  11. Footer widgets
  12. Footer background and logo
  13. Events hide/show past events

Visual Composer included

SAVE 34$! Visual Composer is included with the theme!

The N1 Page Composer is included with the product and perfectly integrated with over 100 shortcodes to create stunning pages, transitions and more.

Icons2Go Icons Builder included

SAVE 17$! The new Icons Builder plugin, integrated with Visual Compsoer, containing 1000+ custom icons, is included with the Life Coach WordPress theme!

One Click installer

Theme installation has never been easier: after installing the theme, a guided procedure will guide you to the automated plugins installation and demo contents installation. You can install the theme and set up the demo contents in less than 5 minutes!

Automated updates

Thanks to the Envato Toolkit, just connect via API Keys the website with your Envato account, to receive automatic theme and plugin updates.

SEO Optimized

Created with Performance and Optimization in mind, the valid HTML code and incredible lightweight contents, together with fast processing server-side elements, make this theme your perfect partner to reach new people and look good for Google.

Well documented

The documentation is complete, clear and rich of screenshots, to let you easily understand all the features of this powerful WordPress Life Coach theme.

Online support

Our support forum is online 7 days a week, to easily get in touch with the support team or find your answer among the other similar questions.

Translation ready

This theme is translatable via Poedit to easily change language in minutes.

Child theme provided

The “Life Coach WordPress Theme” provides a child theme, very useful to make the updating process much easier, and keep your code customizations safe from theme updates.

SASS files provided

If you are a developer, this is a must. Our SASS files are tidy, simple and complete. You can easily modify the CSS from our SCSS and create your unique and particular flavor.

Photoshop templates provided

In the product package, you will find the Photoshop version including Homepage, Single post and Archive templates (save other 8$).

Pictures not included in the product

LearnPress Compatibility

The actual theme version is compatible with LearnPress 3 and LearnPress 2

GDPR Ready

Compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce version, with the new GDPR regulations.

Multisite usage warning

Please note that, while the license allow to install the theme in multiple subdomains or subdirectories within the same domain name, the theme does not have multisite compatibility. The usage of the Multisite WordPress version is very sporadic, so we prefer to provide a better performance to all of the users on a standard installation.

List of changes

== Changelog ==
2.3.8 [2022 July 18]
[x] Plugins udpated
[x] WordPress 6 udpates

2.3.7 [2022 January 26]
[x] Plugins udpated

2.3.6 [2021 August 07]
[x] Theme Core update for WP 5.8

2.3.5 [2021 June 28]
[x] vc_row.php check on array format

2.3.4 [2021 June 28]
[x] Theme Core plugin update
[x] Fixed compatibility requirements for WordPress 5.7.2

2.3.3 [2021 April 01]
[x] WPBakery update
[x] Team members linkeding update double fix issue

2.3.2 [2020 December 28]
[x] WPBaery update
[x] Envato market update

2.3.1 [2020 December 09]
[x] Removed force deactivation of swipebox
[x] Added Swipebox v 5.6

2.3.0 [2020 December 09]
[x] WordPress 5.6 updates
[x] Force disable Easy Swipebox
[x] Removed easy swipebox plugin from the list of required plugins because incompatible with wp 5.6
[x] WPBakery Page Builder udpate [2020 August 12]
[x] Theme core update for wp 5.5

2.2.8 [2020 July 13]
[x] Woocommerce update
[x] WPBakery update

2.2.7 [2020 January 07]
[x] Added shortcode Events List
[x] WPBakery Page Builder updated

2.2.6 [2019 December 04]
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce compatibility
[x] UDPATED WordPress 5.3 compatibility

2.2.5 [2019 October 01]
[x] UPDATED Page Builder plugin

2.2.4 [2019 May 24]
[x] UPDATED Qt Videogallery plugin
[x] UPDATED Page Builder plugin

2.2.3 [2019 April 18]
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce compatibility to 3.6 version

2.2.2 [2019 April 04]
[x] UPDATED sharing tempalte: removed google+
[x] UPDATED plugin Page Builder

2.2.1 [2019 January 28]
[x] UPDATED Plugins Repo
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce Compatibility

2.2 [2018 December 07]
[x] WordPress 5 compatibility
[x] UPDATED plugin WPBakery Page Builder V5.6
[x] UPGRADED compatibility to WooCommerce 3.5.2
[x] ADDED plugin Classic Editor

2.1.6 [2018 November 13]
[x] UPDATED plugin WPBakery Page Builder V5.5.5
[x] ADDED linkedin icon to team members
[x] FIXED previous and next post links
[x] FIXED sidebar setting of customizer

2.1.5 [2018 October 05]
[x] UPDATED plugin category bg to 1.1.2
[x] UPDATED plugin WPBakery page BUilder to 5.5.4
[x] UPDATED custom bg template part-background-image-header.php 

2.1.4 [2018 August 29]
[x] UPDATED qtPlaces to 1.8.1
[x] UPDATED events widget to 1.0.4
[x] UPDATED Page Builder plugin
[x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin

2.1.2 [2018 May 28]
[x] ADDED Added autoplay option to carousel shortcode
[x] UPDATED plugins
[x] UPDATED contact form form GDPR compliance
[x] WOOCOMMERCE 3.4.0 update

2.1.1 [2018 May 08] IMPORTANT: remember to update the plugins
* Added Instagram in member social icons
* Added support for LearnPress 3
* Added category background support

2.0.1 [2018 March 16]
* Updated plugin Page Composer
* TTG Core plugin update
* QT Places plugin update

2.0.0 [2018 March 06]
* Updated visual composer Row template
* TTG Core plugin update
* QT Places plugin update

1.9.8 [2018 February 14]
* WooCommerce update to 3.3.1

1.9.7 [2017 January 08]
* Added LMS demo
* Added LearnPress support
* UPDATED Theme Core version
* UPDATED parallax function in main.js
* sharepage.php: updated #via parameter twitter

1.9.5 [2017 November 27]
* UPDATED Visual Composer to 5.4.5
* UPDATED QT Contactform for SMTP compatibility

1.9.3 [2017 November 13]
* Envato Market update
* UPDATED WooCommerce 3.2.3 support
* UPDATED QT Places plugin

1.8 [2017 September 16]
* added container to inner row

1.7 [2017 September 01]
* Added LinkedIn share button
* Added MailChimp plugin * Added CF7

1.6 [2017 August 31]
* Added optional time value for Events countdown
* added translatability for countdown labels (days, hours...)

1.5 [2017 July 17]
* UPDATED demo contents now setting also menus
* UPDATED demo contents fixed demo 1
* UPDATED QT Contact form plugin

1.4 [2017 07 12]
* Updated Visual Composer
* Updated QT Contact form: better translatability and Privacy is not mandatory anymore
* Updated WooCommerce compatibility

1.2.4 [2017 05 02]
* added check on woocommerce activation on menu.php and footerwidgets.php

1.2.3 [2017 04 28]
* updated TTG Core plugin [automatic update: go in the Plugins page and follow instructions]
* updated QT Places Plugin [automatic update: go in the Plugins page and follow instructions]
* updated QT Contactform Plugin [automatic update: go in the Plugins page and follow instructions]

1.2.2 [2017 04 18]
* added 3 text colors (text color over primary, over accent and over secondary)
* added secondary menu bar
* added shrinking effect on desktop scroll
* added cards fx hover
* added off-canvas extra sidebar
* added page-empty.php template (no header or footer)
* added wooCommerce support
* added wooCommerce header settings
* updated Visual Composer
* the template part 'phpincludes/part-searchbar' was removed  from all the single template files and added in menu.php

1.0.1 [2017 04 13]
* phpincludes/customization.php:139 added customizability to title brackets
* ttgcore-setup/shot-carousel.php, shot-post-grid.php, shot-slideshow.php: added post offset parameter
* ttgcore-setup/shot-buttons.php: added "LINK TARGET" parameter
* phpincludes/part-archive-item-members.php, part-archive-item-podcast.php:15 added link to archive page on the icon
* updated Visual Composer plugin [manual update: unzip the folder in onair2/TGM-Plugin-Activation/plugins/ and upload in wp-content/plugins]
* updated QT Places plugin [automatic update: go in the Plugins page and follow instructions]

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