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MasterClass is a great WordPress theme for building a Learning Management System In WordPress. Starting from the evolution in LMS in WordPress many themes have been published but none of the themes are as enriched as MasterClass. You have unlimited options to customize, Style, and Publish your online courses. Moreover, You can also take online classes on a zoom meeting.

Tophive Introduces extensive theme customization support with a lot of features in it. Here are options for customizing the theme header as well as footer. Also, You can customize theme dynamic pages within the customizer. In addition, Customizer Provides Drag And Drop Header, Footer and Mega Menu Builder.

Moreover, You can style Inner pages sidebars, typography, colors, spacing, and all within the MasterClass Customizer So it is not only a casual Customizer It’s more than ever you cherished.

Learning Management System LMS

Make your LearnPress super powerful with help of MasterClass. You might be thinking how is this even possible?

Well, in the Masterclass theme the whole LearnPress LMS is modified and we made it more powerful by adding rich features that were till now only dream. You won’t have to purchase any additional plugins These features include

Course Overview in the popup: Save your time by checking courses at a glance. This feature of Masterclass allows you to load a full course overview in the popup, therefore your students will be able to decide more quickly to purchase your course.

Level Tiering: One can take all the courses; that’s not fair. Every course has its difficulty level and for this reason, Masterclass adds level tiering in course. Now you will be able to specify which course is for which group (beginner, advanced, intermediate).

Categorywise course sorting: Till now you may be habituated with datewise sorting or name sorting. We have lifted this barrier, now you can sort your courses using different types of categories including trending, popular, bestseller, best rating, etc.

Course Preview in Video Format: LearnPress may be very much limited but not Masterclass. We know the value of each course taker, therefore we have implemented this feature. With this feature, you will be able to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo to your course preview. That’s not all, you can also directly upload and show your video also.

Learning Overview: Output is very valuable and it determines our purchase decision. In Masterclass courses, your courses come with a Learning overview. They will be able to know what they are going to learn after completing your course.

Course Curriculum Popup View: Jumping from page to page to know details feels very annoying. Your course curriculum in Masterclass will load more elegantly at the popup view.

Instructor Profile and Page: Is it even fair that you will know the course curriculum, course details, and everything regarding the course, except its instructor? In Masterclass you will be able to show your instructor’s information with every course. You will also be able to add instructor details on the dedicated instructor’s page.

Content Drip: One cannot complete a course by randomly completing the lessons. With help of content drip, your learner won’t be able t access the next lesson until he finishes the last one. That’s not all you will be able to control content drip for a specific time of the course availability.

Advanced Search With Filters: Masterclass doesn’t come with any traditional search, but an advanced one. One will be able to search for their desired course with their required parameters.

Zoom Video Conferencing: Communication is much more easier. Thanks to Zoom WordPress integration for providing this amazing experience in the Masterclass theme. No matter how much far your School, College, University, or education place is or what type of pandemic situation is going on, your learners will be able to take their education via the virtual program. Which will allow them to access high-quality video sessions through mobile, laptop, and desktop.

GamiPress Integration

GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your website. This plugin lets you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your website. Masterclass comes with GamiPress integration and you will be able to award your users with 3 powerful ways of GamiPress.

Points: Your users will get points for sharing, purchasing, referring, and other kinds of stuff. You can also manage to give away points.

Achievements: Everyone likes to open new achievements and in Masterclass, there are a lot of achievements for a user to achieve. Right after registering one will unlock the first achievement and in this way your user will be motivated to unlock the next achievement.

Ranks: Your user will be given ranks upon completing requirements. Rank gives your user extra honor and thus helps your users to remain motivated.

Mega Menu Builder (Advanced)

Take control of your site’s navigation in your hand and design it exactly according to your need and wish with Masterclass’s Mega Menu builder. You might think, what new can be added in mega menu builder? Well, there’s a lot to customize the mega menu. You won’t know it until you try it.

Interactive Elements: Traditional mega menu comes with only texts in an ordered format. But in Masterclass, you can do more than that. You will be able to add images, icons, different color palettes, courses, course categories, course overview, featured course, latest post, features posts, animations, videos, popular WooCommmerce items.

It’s like one will be able to fulfill his site overview from the mega menu. We recommend you try it once from the live demo.

Entirely Functional and Customizable: Your created mega menu with Masterclass will be entirely functional and customizable. It’s not like you will only be able to create a mega menu like demo. Mix your thoughts with reality and do it with help of the Masterclass’s mega menu builder.

Unlimited Styling Options: While creating a mega menu, you will be able to customize every item in the way you like. Not in a single way, but unlimited. Yes, you heard it right. So do it now and organize your mega menu in the way you like.

Ease of Use: After knowing so many functionalities in the mega menu, you might be thinking it might be very complex or not beginner-friendly. You are wrong. Our professional developers have made it with user-friendliness in mind. Therefore expert to beginner, everyone will be able to create a mega menu with Masterclass.

You don’t need to buy separate plugins to build your header or footer. Header – Footer builder is included in Masterclass. All you have to do is customize and create your own header – footer in no time.

Smart User Dashboard

From top to bottom professionalism is fully included in the Masterclass. You will found this professionalism also in User Dashboard. The Dashboard comes with user details along with all the courses he owned. If he wishes he can start his courses right from the dashboard.

That’s not all, the owner can also check his quizzes, wishlist, orders, and manage his settings (general, avatar, password, publicity, etc) from the dashboard. It’s like managing everything right from one single place.

Login or Signup in Popup view: We don’t increase the number of pages without any reason, therefore we have kept the login/signup process simple and in the popup view. Not only the process will be simple but it will also look professional.

MailChimp Integration

Mailchimp is a very popular and useful plugin. It offers various methods to sign up more subscribers. Masterclass comes with MailChimp integrated into it. You will be able to connect to your MailChimp account in seconds, as everything is kept very simple.

Later on, you will be able to create user-friendly and mobile-optimized forms that can be customized and displayed anywhere on your website. Sending a newsletter and checking the response rate is now a piece of cake.

RTL Ready

It’s not a problem if you write right to left. Masterclass theme if 100% RTL ready and you can use any language on your website. It doesn’t matter its, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu or any other language, Masterclass will always show everything perfectly.

Secure eCommerce Integration (WooCommerce)

The most popular and secure eCommerce integration ‘WooCommerce’ comes with the Masterclass. Selling any sort of physical or digital goods is now very much easier. You can also run sales and offer coupons to your users in Masterclass. If you are worried about payment, forget that too.

You can integrate your favorite payment processors securely and receive any payments from anywhere at any time.

Four Different Layouts: Masterclass offers you four different layouts for your WooCommerce store. All the layouts are elegant and come with all modern facilities. Choose any of the four then create your store in the way you like to.

Flexible Customization Options: Every option in Masterclass has been kept flexible so that you can easily bring changes and give your desired look. No matter if you want to keep your store design simple or complex, you can always do it with Masterclass.

Dedicated Blogging Platform

Do the talking with blogging. There is a dedicated blogging platform available in Masterclass. There are also four different layouts available for the blog. You can choose any of these four different layouts. If you want to customize your blog with the most popular elementor page builder, you can do it too.

Your site will be easily ranked and your visitors will find their required content easily from your blog. Thanks to the dedicated blogging platform of the Masterclass theme.

WPML Support

Language is not a barrier in Masterclass. For foreign students and visitors, you can translate any pages to any language easily with the most popular WPML plugin. Masterclass comes fully integrated with WPML. The more you translate the more it is helpful for your foreign learners.

Intuitive Theme Dashboard

The theme dashboard of Masterclass is designed by keeping all the modern features and functionalities in mind. From this theme dashboard, you can import demos, customize themes, find support, read documentation, check status, and even update your theme.

You won’t have to go to different locations for doing different tasks.

Hassle-Free Update: Update is the most common issue in most of the themes. Either you have to manually update or your site is going to be broken. You will found several issues in most of the themes. Thanks to Masterclass’s Hassle-free update option, that lets you update your theme with one click.

Right after theme activation, you will be able to update your theme within the dashboard and the great news is your site is not going to break. It will remain perfect as it looked before.

1 Click Demo Import: All the demos are visible from the dashboard. If you want to change your demo do it with one click demo import option. Don’t you get tensed about installing required plugins, all of the required plugins will be installed automatically.

One-Stop Customization: If you ever need to customize anything on your Masterclass powered website, you will be able to do it directly from the theme dashboard.

Documentation & Support: If you stuck anywhere check out the documentation of the theme directly from the theme dashboard, no need to search elsewhere. If the documentation is not enough take help from the support team directly from the dashboard.


- Course Lesson Popup disppears when a user enrolls

- Distant Learning Demo
- MegaMenu Loading Issues
- CSS loading issues
- Course Lesson Popup Responsive fixed
- Cart Responsive issues fixed
- Demo Data import - plugin install issues fixed

- Added Buddypress
- Added Gamipress
 - Added ~ New Demo Site

Buy MasterClass - LMS & Education WordPress Theme by tophive on ThemeForest. MasterClass is a great WordPress theme for building a Learning Management System In WordPress. Starting from the evo...